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Display Booth Ideas

Hundreds of Pictures to Help You Create a Knock-Out Booth for Your Next Craft Show

I'm sure you already know that your display booth can have a huge impact on your sales at craft shows. But do you really know what works and what doesn't work?

How do you design a booth that attracts customers, shows your work at its best and fits within your budget?

Creating your craft booth can be costly if you're not careful - tables, grid walls, lighting, risers, table coverings - it all adds up pretty quickly. You want to avoid as much trial and error as possible and get your booth right the first time to avoid wasting money on a design that doesn't work.

That just means you need to do some good research and planning before you start buying pieces for your display booth. The tips and photos below can help you do that!

On This PAge

Hundreds of craft display booth photos.

There's a lot of information about designing a craft booth on this page, as well as links to more in-depth articles and plenty of photos. If you read through the whole page and follow all of the links, you'll know an awful lot about craft booths. :)

If you're in a hurry and don't have time to read the whole page, click one of the links below to jump down to a specific topic that interests you.

Why You Need a Great Booth

Popular Craft Tent Brands

Where to Buy Display Items and Booth Lighting

Hundreds of Craft Booth Photos for Inspiration

Planning and Creating Your Design

Create a Display Booth That Brings in More Customers

Parts of Your Booth

Transporting, Setting Up and Tearing Down

Why You Need a Great Booth

Great craft show booth benefits

Benefits of a Great Display 

Not convinced the way you display your items can really make or break your sales at a show? Read this article to understand the real benefits of investing the time and money to create a great display booth that shows your work in the best possible light.

Popular Craft Tent Brands

If you need a tent for your display booth, there are a few brands that are quite popular at shows. In the U.S., you'll find a lot of craft artists use EZ Up Tents, and in Canada, you'll see a lot of Caravan Canopies at craft shows. Quik Shade is another popular and affordable option; just be sure to buy a model that is white with straight (not splayed) legs if you decide to go with Quik Shade.

The links below take you to each tent on Amazon so you can easily check prices and features for each brand.


10 Etsy Finds For Your Craft Booth

Create a charming ambiance in your craft booth with handmade display booth furniture. Here are 10 wonderful Etsy finds to get you started.

Amazon also has an excellent selection of display options. The links below will take you to specific types of craft display furniture on the site. If you don't find what you're looking for, simply type in your search term in the box below to see what other types of portable display items are available on Amazon.

Portable, Adjustable Height Tables

Grid walls

Slat walls

Display Pedestals

Hundreds of Craft Booth Photos for Inspiration

In my opinion, the best way to really understand what works and what doesn't, and what effect different display choices have on your booth is to look at as many booths as possible. That's why I've been collecting as many craft booth photos as I can to share with you.

The point of studying the photos on the pages below is not to copy someone else's fantastic booth, but to study it, find inspiration, understand what works, and help yourself make good decisions about your own booth (and avoid costly mistakes).

For the most part, I've divided the photos up based on the type of craft, but do take a look at booth photos for other types of crafts beyond what you make. You can often get your best ideas when looking at something that works in one setting and figuring out how it could be effective in a completely different setting.

Craft Booth PHotos By Display Furniture Type

All of these booth photos are sorted based on the type of display furniture used. If you want to see plenty of booths using grid walls, pedestals, tables, or shelves, you'll find them here.

Portable Flooring Ideas for your Craft Booth

Portable Flooring Ideas and Booth Photos 

Portable flooring that's attractive, affordable, easy to transport, and fits with the look of your product can form a solid foundation in your booth design. Here are several flooring options to consider for your display booth.

Craft Booths Using Portable Tables 

12 photos of craft booths using portable tables to display jewelry, pillows, tableware, and other handmade items. If you're going to use tables in your booth, you need to check out these photos first.

14 Creative Uses of Shelves in a Display Booth

Want to use shelves in your booth? Check out these photos of craft booths that use shelves in a variety of ways for plenty of inspiration.

Display Pedestal Photos 

6 craft booths that use pedestals to display everything from huge sculptures to small necklaces, plus information about where to buy pedestals for your booth.

Gridwall Display Pictures 

Here are 13 photos of craft artists' booths that use gridwall panels to display a wide range of handmade products.

Slat Wall Displays 

Thinking about incorporating some slat walls into your booth? Here are 7 booths that use slat wall panels.

Craft Booth PHotos By Craft Type

All of the photos in the posts in this section are organized by craft type. Are you looking specifically for jewelry booth photos, or pictures of handmade soap displays? Start here.

Accessories Display Ideas 

How to display accessories other than jewelry. You'll find 12 photos, including hat booths, purse displays, and a few accessories that don't quite fit a category.

10 Hat Display Pictures

Looking for ideas to display your handmade hats? Here are ten photos of millinery booths showing how to display hats on everything from grid walls, to pegboard, to hat stands.

9 Handbag Display Photos 

9 photos of fantastic handmade handbags and totes displayed on shelves, poles, grid walls, and more. Some lovely and clever booth setups here.

Pottery and Glassware Booths 

Here are photos of six pottery and glassware booths that take great advantage of light to show their products and their best. The displays are sturdy but also allow customers to get up close to touch and examine each piece.

Art Displays 

Displaying paintings and other large art pieces is usually fairly easy compared to displaying smaller items, because your work can probably be seen from a distance and should be able to speak for itself without a lot of flashy extras. Still, there are a few decisions to make about how you're going to display your art. The page above includes many art booth photos as well as links to supply sources for items you may need for your art booth.

Necklace Display Ideas

11 Necklace Display Ideas

11 photos of necklace displays including commercially available busts and clever DIY display solutions.

12 Portable Jewelry Display Booth Pics 

Here are 12 photos of 4 gorgeous jewelry booths with some creative and clever display ideas.

Jewelry Display Ideas 

Displaying jewelry can be tricky because you'll probably have a lot of it, and it is not easily seen from a distance. Luckily, there are lots of creative jewelry display options to choose from. Here are several photos of jewelry booths to give you ideas about how to display your own handmade jewelry.

Jewelry Displays

Jewelry Displays in All Black and All White

Some truly lovely and unique jewelry displays. Check out an all black jewelry booth and an all white display booth. See how a single, dramatic color can be used to effectively show off your handmade items.

11 Jewelry Displays for Craft Fairs 

11 photos of effective jewelry booths help you see what works and give you inspiration for creating your own fabulous display booth.

More Portable Jewelry Displays 

Photos of eight great, but very different jewelry booths.

Food Display Ideas

6 ideas for displaying food at craft shows.

Knitting and Crochet Booths 

9 photos of displays of knitwear and crocheted items ranging form knit sweaters, lovely crocheted blankets, hats, scarves and shawls.

Candle Display Pictures 

When you display candles, you'll need to find a way to make a small product enticing from a distance, and also allow plenty of room and ease of access for customers to pick up, and smell (if they are scented) each one. Check out this page for photos and tips on creating a great candle booth!

soap display ideas

Soap Display Ideas 

6 soap display ideas to spark ideas for your own craft booth.

15 Soap Display Booth Pictures 

Those who sell handmade soaps need to take into account a lot of the same factors as people who sell handmade candles when creating a booth. Many of the same considerations apply. Check out the pictures of these great soap booths, and also have a look at the candle booth photos in the link above this one; you might find a few ideas that translate well into your soap booth.

10 Soap Booth Photos 

Can't get enough of a good handmade soap booth? I can never go to a craft show without stocking up on handmade soaps - always an affordable luxury. For you soap booth lovers, here are 10 more great booth photos.

Clothing Display Ideas

8 Children's Clothing Display Pictures

8 photos of portable children's clothing displays that are affordable, practical, and gorgeous. Plus: Where to find the items you need to display your own handmade clothing.

Clothing Display Photos

11 Clever Clothing Displays

11 photos of clever clothing displays with plenty of take-away lessons you can apply to your own booth design.

Clothing Display Photos

10 Handmade Clothing Display Photos

10 great photos show you the common elements often used in clothing displays, and illustrate how to use those elements to create your own distinctive display booth that showcases your company's unique style.

Clothing Display Photos

8 More Clothing Display Photos

Can't get enough clothing display photos? Here are eight more pictures of handmade clothing booths to help you create a vision for your own display!

Handmade Clothing Displays 

There are so many ways to display handmade clothing, and so many different moods you might want to convey depending on whether you create high-end avant garde designer clothing, or warm, snuggly children's sweaters. Take a look at the vastly different effects you can create in your clothing booth.

Other Types Craft Booths 

Here's a collection of pictures for all kinds of craft booths that don't fit within the previous categories. You'll find woodworking, cards and prints, crocheting, and sewing booths

Craft Booth PHotos By Concept

All of the links to booth photos below illustrate specific concepts related to craft booth design. Do you want to see how you can translate retail store displays into craft booth concepts? Are you wondering how to create a booth that doesn't "compete" with your products? These photos are the best place to start.

Jewelry Display the Breaks the Rules

How to Break the Rules in Your Booth Design

Want to defy common craft booth design rules? Go for it! But keep these tips in mind.

4 Craft Booths

Tell a Story With Your Craft Booth

4 craft booths that entice customers by telling a story about how their lives will be enriched if they buy the product.

Craft Booth Design

5 Simple Booths That Put the Spotlight on the Product

Embrace simplicity in your display and let your products take center stage. These 5 booths show you how.

Better Craft Booth Color

Beautiful Craft Booth Color

6 booths that make clever use of color. Find out how a splash of color can liven up your own display.

7 Retail Jewelry Display Photos

Dazzling Handmade Jewelry Displays in an Indie Retail Shop

7 photos of a spectacular indie handmade accessories shop using clever display pedestals and furniture. If you're planning a craft display, you need to check out this shop! It's simply lovely.

14 Retail Display Photos With Ideas You Can Translate to Your Craft Booth 

Here are photos of 14 lovely independent retail shops that sell handmade goods. Their displays are fantastic, and you can translate a lot of them to your own display booth.

Retail Display Ideas for Craft Professionals 

See how the pewter artisans at Amos Pewter use color to make their stores memorable.

Retail Store Displays 

6 photos of handmade items displayed in retail stores, plus tips on finding booth ideas in the displays at your local retail stores.

Match Your Display with Your Product

A good display booth works in harmony with the products you sell. It enhances them, and doesn't fight against the image you are trying to create. Here are photos of 16 booth designs that work with the product to create a cohesive look and communicate a clear message to customers.

Display Your Items as They Would be Used 

When you set up little vignettes in your booth that show your items displayed as they would be used, you can communicate a lot to customers about how your products function and how owning your products will enhance their lives. Here are photos of 7 booths that show you examples of how to display your crafts the way they would be used.

Display Booth Ideas 

Want to find more great booth photos online? Here are three more places to look for lots of craft booth ideas.

Displays Analysed 

I have analysed two photos of some great booths. These booth photos illustrate 13 key concepts in good booth design, which you can apply to designing your own booth.

Holiday Craft Show Displays

Beautiful Holiday Craft Show Booths

These beautiful holiday craft show booths will inspire you to spruce up your own display for Christmas craft shows whether you want to make big changes, or just add a few festive touches to your existing booth.

10 Christmas Craft Fair Displays

10 photos of gorgeous Christmas craft booths show you how to spruce up your own display for holiday sales.

Holiday Bazaars 

Holiday shows provide a special opportunity to really spruce up your booth (sorry for the pun, I couldn't help myself). Here are lots of Christmas craft show booth photos and some ideas for boosting sales at holiday bazaars.

Planning and Creating Your Design

Printables for Your Christmas Craft Fair Booth 

Make your displays more festive for Christmas craft shows with these free printable Christmas decorations for your booth!

My Craft Booth 

This link takes you to several articles about how I created my own booth including instructions for making your own folding table and tips for designing your own multi-purpose risers.

Printable Show Regulations Check List 

Follow these 14 common show rules to create a display that will comply with the rules of most shows, and use the Art Show Regulations Checklist (downloadable from the page linked above) to keep yourself organized.

4 Popular Booth Layouts 

While there are a lot of variations, there really are just 4 basic booth layout options. These 4 illustrated booth configurations will help you decide which setup is best for you.

Displays That Work 

Discover how to create displays that really work. Creating a booth that's attractive is just one part of the equation. Your booth also needs to be highly functional.

Indoor and Outdoor Booths 

There are different factors to take into consideration depending on whether your booth will be indoors or outdoors. Discover how to create displays for both indoor and outdoor shows.

Safety and Practicalities 

It can be a lot of fun using your creative energy to design a stunning booth. However, don't forget, a great display is also practical and safe. These ten tips will help you to ensure that your booth is functional, practical and safe.

Use Your Booth to Create a Mood 

Whatever your style may be, your decor should fit well with your products and not compete with them or confuse customers.


Create a Display that Draw in Your Target Customer

3 tips to help you make your booth compelling to customers by conveying a clear, purposeful message.

More on Conveying a Marketing Message

Discover how to create displays that make your customers want to open their wallets.


Nine merchandising tips to help you make the sale.

Attracting More Customers 

You can't sell anything until potential customers walk into your booth! Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious. But people often don't consider how their booth looks from a distance and how they will draw customers in. Here are some tips to design your booth to draw customers in.

Parts of Your Booth

Craft Fair Check List 

Download and print this check list of items to bring to a show so you don't forget anything at home!

Portable Canopies 

Do you need to buy a craft tent? Here's detailed information about the most popular craft tent brands, where to buy them, what features to look for, and how to choose a portable canopy that meets your needs.

Tent Weights 

It's not wise to do an outdoor show without weighting down your tent. Here are tips on choosing the right tent weights for your needs and instructions for making your own inexpensive tent weights.

Jewelry Display Lighting

Jewelry Display Lighting

Here are 8 photos of jewelry booths using effective portable lighting. Whether you're lighting up a jewelry booth, or any other type of craft booth, you can get plenty of inspiration from these fantastic displays.

What to Look for in a Folding Table 

Before you purchase a folding table for your craft room or your display booth, consider these 6 factors to ensure it meets your needs.

My Folding Table 

When I went looking for a portable table, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted anywhere, so I ended up making my own. Here is how I made my own custom display table.

Portable Table Using Ikea Legs 

Another alternative for making an adjustable height, portable table. This one uses inexpensive legs from Ikea.

Show Lights 

Show lights are, unfortunately, often overlooked by beginning crafters. They can make a big impact. Here's how to use lighting effectively in your booth.

My Display Risers 

Here's how I designed my custom display risers. Yes, they just look like simple boxes, but the dimensions were carefully planned so they work perfectly as risers when I'm at a show, and as storage when I'm not at a show.

Jewelry Display Stand Tutorial 

This tutorial shows you how to make a simple and inexpensive jewelry display stand from a few common, easy to find items (you might even have everything you need laying around the house already).



Dragging your booth from your home, to the car, and then from the car to your allotted space (and then the same in reverse when it's time to go home) doesn't have to be a difficult chore if you plan well. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your booth is as portable as possible.

Booth Set Up 

At the beginning of a show, you may be a bit on edge and anxious to get set up. You really don't need a time consuming or difficult booth setup to start your day on the wrong foot. Here's how to think about and plan your booth to make setup quick and easy so you can put your focus on the most important place - your customers.


Good booths allow for plenty of storage for personal items and additional stock. Learn how to create a booth with plenty of storage.


It's the end of a show. You're tired, and the last thing you need is a complicated booth teardown. Here's how to design your booth with teardown in mind to make your life easier at the end of each show.

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