Craft Show Display Ideas

by Lisa McGrimmon

Here's how to find craft show display ideas with three free and easy ways to find great booth photos that will give you inspiration to create your own great displays.

It can be a lot easier to create your own effective display when you have a chance to check out booths that others have created.

The point in seeking out examples of displays is not to copy what other do, but rather to get inspiration. To see what works well and what doesn't work so well.

3 Great Ways Get Craft Show Display Ideas

  1. Go to lots of shows as a customer/observer
  2. Find booth photos on Flickr
  3. Find booth ideas on Pinterest

1. Go To Lots of Shows as a Customer/Observer

Indoor Craft Show Display
Indoor Christmas craft show display

Before you create your own display booth, it's smart to go to as many shows as you can. Remember, when you go looking for craft show display ideas for your booth, avoid outright copying some else's display.

Be prepared with pen and paper to make notes about booths you like and what works and doesn't work, so you can remember ideas for your own booth.

It can also be smart to go to shows outside of your own industry to look for inspiration. So, if you're looking for craft show display ideas, in addition to looking at shows for inspiration, also try checking out other venues, such as home shows or wedding shows, where you'll find plenty of display ideas.

Thinking outside of the box in this way can help you to come up with original ideas that work. What may be tried and tested in one industry, may be original and exciting in your own industry.

2. Find Booth Photos on Flickr

Some of my favorite craft booth photos on Flickr

Another way to get some great craft show booth display ideas is to find photos of booths. Photos can help you to see the display booth more clearly and understand what works and what doesn't work. In fact, it's amazing the details you'll notice in a photo that you may not see in person.

One fantastic place to find plenty of craft show display ideas and pictures is on Flickr.

Many professional craft artists post booth photos on Flickr to promote their business or share ideas and get feedback from other craft artists.

To get you started, I've posted a slideshow (above) of some photos of displays on Flickr. Click the arrow on the screen to start the slideshow and view the photos.

I have not even come close to including all of the display booth pictures you can find on Flickr in this slideshow. In fact, in order to respect and comply with copyrights, I've only included photos that are marked okay to share.

If you search Flickr yourself, you'll find plenty more. Here are some keywords you might try:

  • craft booth
  • craft show
  • craft display
  • art show
  • trade show
  • art market
  • craft market

Also, you can go to Flickr groups, where you'll find whole sets of related photos, and try the same keywords. I found the best results with the phrase "craft booth". The link above will take you directly to the results for a search for Flickr groups with the word craft booth.

3. Find Craft Show Display Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is another great site for finding great photos quickly.

I make a point of using Pinterest to keep track of photos of great craft booths and craft show display ideas whenever I find them. You can see my Pinterest board for booths here. I try add new craft related pins frequently. You can follow me on Pinterest to see my latest pins.

A Final Thought

Keep in mind, it's important to draw a clear line between inspiration, and copying.

You can find some fantastic craft show booth ideas that you just love by looking at photos online or visiting shows, but be careful that you don't recreate an exact copy of that booth. Determine what works in the booths you like, and use elements of those booths but translate them into your own unique style.

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