Weekly Craft Business Challenge

Craft Business Tips When You need them

Do you want to build your craft business, but you feel there's always too much to keep track of?

Craft Business Challenge

If you're anything like me, you worry about missing important dates and struggle to stay one step ahead of the seasonal nature of the business. The Weekly Craft Business Challenge will help you stay on top of all of that.

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It's important to be working on the right things at the right times:

  • completing craft show applications in January and February
  • attending studio tours in spring and fall
  • deciding in October how you'll make your booth festive for upcoming Christmas craft shows
  • adding new stock to your Etsy shop in November in time for big holiday sales

These things can sneak up on you if you don't have some gentle reminders in place.

Timely Reminders in Your InBox

Each week I'll publish a new set of craft business tips - timely reminders of things you should be thinking of or working on in that moment. 

Did you remember to find the application deadlines for craft shows and studio tours that interest you? I'll remind you in January.

How's your booth looking? I'll send you craft booth inspiration in the spring and summer when you need to create or spruce up your display.

When Can I start?

Start any time you like. I'll post updates once a week, every week. You can jump in whenever you're ready. You don't have to wait until the beginning of the year to get started.

How Do I keep Up With the Weekly Craft Business Challenge?

Each week, I'll post a new set of reminders here, on the website.

It's tough to remember to check a website every week, so I'll also send the reminders out each week as part of the newsletter I publish for this site. You can sign up to receive the free Weekly Craft Business Challenge reminders, as well as other craft business tips and news in your inbox by completing the form below.

Here Are Your Weekly Challenges

Below is a list of all of the craft business challenges. I'll add to the list each week. You can come back to review any of the challenges whenever you like.


Goal Setting Guidelines

Set Better Goals

Start the year off right by committing to better goals. If you're going to launch the new year with new goals, they ought to be ones that will actually move your business and your life in the direction you want. Don't waste time with ineffective goals. Here's how to set better goals.

Habit Management Strategies

Cultivate Better Habits

Your habits play a huge role in your outcomes. Many of those goals and resolutions you've set for the upcoming year are largely dependent on developing habits of daily doing little bits of work that slowly, incrementally build to a larger achievement. This week, we'll look at how to cultivate more helpful habits to support your business and personal goals

Craft Show Application Tips

Craft Show News!

Do you have your applications ready for this year's craft shows? If you haven't already started to think about them, it's time to get moving. This week we have loads of tips to help you make the best impression with your juried art show applications.


Better Product Photography

Resources to help you get better product shots for applying to juried art shows, selling your crafts online, and sharing on social media.

Get Your Priorities Straight!

You can't do it all, so prioritizing certain projects and goals, while letting others go is essential. Here are lessons I've learned about how to choose what to keep, and how to let go of the rest.

Photo Editing Tools

Edit Your Photos With the Right Tool for the Job

Whether you need to edit photos for craft show applications, your online shop, or social media posts, there's a photo editing tool that will fit your needs and your budget. This week we look at image editing software and apps to get your images looking great.

Choosing a Company Name

Choosing a Company Name

When naming your craft business, not only do you need to consider finding a name that's the right fit, but also, confirming you've covered your bases legally, and ensuring you protect your ownership of that name online. Here's how to get started naming your business.


Find a Business Niche

Niche Marketing Guide

You can't be all things to all people, but if you narrow your focus to a group of customers that you can serve spectacularly well, then you have something you can work with. Here's what you need to know to focus your efforts and apply niche marketing concepts to your own business.

Email Marketing Tutorial

Jewelry Booth Inspiration & Craft Tent Buying Guide

Here are plenty of photos of clever jewelry display ideas to help with your own display design. There's everything from commercially available stands to DIY displays.

Plus, do you need to buy a craft tent for the upcoming season? I've compiled everything I know about buying a portable canopy for craft shows to help you do your research and make the right choice to your needs.

Portable Booth Display Ideas

Portable Booth Display Ideas, Photos, and Craft Show Tips

16 accessories booth photos, a helpful tool to make choosing the right craft tent much easier, and 6 tips to help you make the most of your next craft show.

Art Studio Tour Preparation

Art Studio Tour Preparation

Spring studio tours are just around the corner. Here's how to prepare to make the most of your day if you're participating in your local art studio tour.

Plus, how to banish distractions from your working hours so you can focus deeply on your most challenging and valuable projects.


Get Ready for Craft Show Season

This week we focus on preparing for craft shows with plenty of craft booth lighting photos and resources to get your display in top shape, a craft show packing list, so you don't forget anything, and shade options for irregularly shaped outdoor booth spaces.

Pinterest Business Marketing

Pinterest Business Marketing

Pinterest provides an excellent opportunity for craft business owners who want to promote and sell their crafts online. This week, we'll look at the first 5 articles in my new Pinterest business marketing series, so you can start taking advantage of this excellent strategy for bringing traffic to your website or online shop. 

Art Show Booth Ideas

Art Show Booth Ideas

Get your craft booth looking great with inspiration from these 18 craft booth photos. Plus, check out a very popular craft tent, and learn how to make your website irresistible to pinners on Pinterest.

Selling Crafts Online

Selling Crafts Online

If you promote your craft business online, you need to be active on social media. This week, we look at how to promote your business on Instagram, whether Pinterest is the right marketing venue for your business, and how to take great photos and write persuasive copy.

Email Marketing Tutorial

Craft Booths for Rule Breakers

Do you feel the standard rules of good craft booth design don't work for your product or your booth space? Here are ways to break the rules and still create an effective display.


Spend Your Resources Wisely

Spend Your Resources Wisely

This week we'll focus on promoting your business and managing your resources intelligently. Plus we'll continue work on getting ready for craft shows.

Craft Display Ideas

Craft Display Ideas

It's getting to be that time of year - craft show season. I've dedicated this week to sharing 34 craft display photos. There are a variety of display types, and lighting ideas. Plus, plenty of information to make sure your craft tent is properly weighted and secured, so you can avoid craft show disaster.

The Resource That Transformed My Business

The Resource That Transformed My Online Business

This week I share the single most important resource I use to build an online business, a simple tool to give you peace of mind when packing for a craft show, 11 clothing booth photos, and tips to help you avoid a mistake I made when I was getting started.

Handmade Product Development

Handmade Product Development

In this three-part product development series: Discover how to assess your business ideas, choose the product idea with the best potential for success, test your concept, and learn from your competition. 


Handmade Product Development

Lots of Craft Show Displays

Those who do shows are about to dive deep into summer craft show season and many are putting together their displays. This first week of June, we'll focus on getting your booth in shape.

There are two new articles with 9 new booth photos. You'll discover booths that entice shoppers to buy by letting them imagine how a product will improve their lives, and deceptively simple looking booths that let the product shine.

You'll also see the 4 most common booth layouts and assess the pros and cons of each setup, and checkout 14 booths that use portable shelving. Plus discover the tent I chose when I was in the market for a portable canopy.

Starting a Home Craft Business

Tips for Getting Started

This week I have tips for those who are getting started selling at craft shows and online.

Discover whether small craft shows are right for your new business. There is a lot that makes small shows attractive to new craft business owners, but there are some drawbacks as well. Weigh the pros and cons of small shows for your yourself. Plus, avoid this big craft tent buying mistake.

For those who want to launch and online business, there are a lot of services that simply don't deliver and end up wasting your time and money. Here are online business building resources I use that are worth your time and money.

Learn Email Marketing

Learn Email Marketing

Discover how this effective and affordable marketing strategy can build your business. This week, the first three articles in a nine-part series on email marketing.

Email Marketing Tutorial

Email Marketing Tutorial - Part 2

Dive into part 2 of the email marketing series. This week we look at what to write about in your newsletters, and how often to send mail to your subscribers.


Email Marketing Tutorial

Email Marketing Providers

Discover the right company to host your craft business newsletter, then learn how to encourage people to sign up to receive emails from you.

Plus, since we're well into craft show season, this week we'll look at how to choose the right craft tent, and check out some gorgeous glassware and pottery displays.

Email Marketing Tutorial

Savvy Email Marketing Strategies

Make the most of your business newsletter with strategies to encourage more subscribers to read your emails, and information that helps you make informed decisions about your newsletter.

Plus, more craft show display inspiration! Create a booth that is truly functional and meets your needs.

Marketing Through Social Media

Marketing Through Social Media

Getting started with social media marketing can feel daunting, but you shouldn't miss out on the huge business benefits social media can create just because you have a little to learn.

This week we look at how to develop a social media marketing plan that's realistic, plus tools to help you create social media optimized images quickly.


Soap Display Photos

Soap Display Photos, and an Affordable Craft Tent

Check out these fabulous soap displays. Plus, a popular and affordable craft tent reviewed.

Better Hashtags for Instagram

Better Hashtags for Instagram

Discover a quick and simple way to find effective hashtags to help you get more visibility on Instagram search. Plus, how to spice up your craft booth with color.


Easy Photo Editor

Easy Photo Editing Tools

Easy to use, and free (or inexpensive) tools you can use to edit your images for social media, online sales, and craft show applications.


Handmade Product Display Ideas

Handmade Product Display Ideas

Effective booth signs to help you communicate better with customers at craft shows, and some lovely, clever DIY necklace display stands. Plus, create a fun or spooky costume this year with beautiful Halloween costume patterns from indie designers.

Christmas Craft Show Displays

Get Ready for Christmas Craft Shows

Christmas craft show season will be upon us sooner than you realize. Get your booth ready for the holiday season with inspiration from 20 beautiful Christmas craft show displays.

Jewelry Booth Displays

DIY Jewelry Booth Displays & How to Learn More Than You Thought Was Possible

Jewelry booth displays you can make yourself. Plus, exciting new discoveries about how we learn shows you can develop creative skills you may have never thought possible. 

Clothing Display Ideas

11 Portable Clothing Displays & How to Master Your Craft

Build a better clothing display with inspiration from these 11 booth photos. Plus exciting new research that shows us exactly how to practice in order to master almost anything. If you've plateaued in the mastery of your craft, you haven't reached your peak; you just need to learn how to practice better.


Craft Show Tips

A New Craft Show Information Hub

Almost 100 pages of craft show information, including 600+ photos of craft display booth photos are linked from my new craft show information center. Learn more about it here. Also, this week, how to stay motivated to do the tough work required to achieve big goals.

Outdoor Canopy Tent

Survive a Rainy Craft Show

The only thing worse than a day at a rainy craft show is a day at a rainy craft show in a leaky tent. Here's how to prep your craft tent to reduce the risk of leaks. Plus, are you holding back on your big business dreams because you're worried about taking a risk? Find out from an astronaut how to manage risk so you can chase a big goal and still be happy even if you don't fully reach your objective.


Selling Crafts - Hobby or Business

Do You Have a Hobby or Business?

Have you ever stopped to consider whether you have a craft business, or if you sell crafts as a hobby? Either option is perfectly valid, but you should know exactly what you aim to accomplish with your venture.

Printable Year Planner

Printable Year Planner

Here's the printable planner that helped me triple productivity this year. Committing to use this planner is the best decision I made in 2017.

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