How to Display Clothing & Create a Booth That Tells a Story

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This week on the weekly Craft Business Challenge: 

8 ways to display clothing at craft shows. Create a craft booth that tells a story, and a reader's portable tent review. Plus, we continue our craft teaching series with how to decide what to teach.

Handmade clothing at a craft show. Text - Clothing display ideas.

This week in Timely Tips, we look at clothing displays, telling your brand's story with your display, and we'll check out a reader's review of her craft tent. New this week, the craft teaching series continues.

Take inspiration from 8 craft booth photos to create a portable clothing display for upcoming shows. Examine different display systems to determine the right one for you, and explore the core elements of effective clothing displays.

Next, have you ever thought about the story your craft booth conveys to customers? A compelling story that conveys a beautiful life lived with your products can be an effective tool to draw in customers. This week, I have photos of four enticing booths that draw in customers with a story.

One of my readers has generously shared her thoughts on the craft tent she bought. She put in a lot of smart research before buying her then, and is quite happy with its performance. It's a brand I wasn't familiar with, so I was immensely grateful to have her input, and you'll find it below in Timely Tips.

Finally, how do you become a craft teacher? The class you choose to teach will have a big impact on your success. This week, discover how to choose a project that you can teach effectively, and that will be popular in your community.


What to Teach: Some craft projects will be a better fit for a classroom than others, and some will be more popular than others. Anyone with community-based teaching experience will tell you that what you want to teach, and what people want to learn are not always the same thing. Similarly, what you think people need to learn, and what they actually want to learn don't always align. Here's how to do your research to determine a craft project to teach that will be popular and successful.


FOCUS: How to display clothing + design a booth that sells with a story

8 Clothing Booth Photos: How to display clothing with commercially available racks, mannequins, and clever DIY solutions.

Undercover Tent Review: Check out a reader's experience with the Undercover Tent, and learn about the clever strategy she used to research portable canopies before she chose the brand that was right for her.

4 Craft Booths That Tell a Story: Here's how four clever designers use their craft booths to draw in customers by telling a compelling story.


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