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Apr 01, 2020

Emergency Management Resources for Craft Business Owners

Emergency resources for independent artists & craft business owners. Here's a growing list of resources & organizations working to support artists, handmade business owners, and other creative entrepreneurs & small businesses through times of crisis.

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Jan 28, 2020

How to Start a Craft Business Right

How to start a craft business right. Get tasks like registering your business, checking product labeling requirements, and setting up your books under control with advice from the right local professionals. Here are 15 things to do in February to find the right professional support for your business, and get your business fundamentals in place.

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Jan 06, 2020

Create a Craft Business Plan

Create a practical craft business plan that will set you up for success for the coming year. You don't necessarily need to write a formal business plan - you just need a plan that works for you. Here are 18 things to do in January to help you plan & prepare to achieve your business goals this year.

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Dec 26, 2019

Trending Crafts That Sell Well in 2020

What crafts are trending for 2020 and will sell well in the upcoming year? Check out the hottest decor and fashion design trends shoppers at craft shows and on Etsy will be buying in 2020.

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Oct 15, 2019

6 Holiday Craft Show Display Ideas

6 holiday craft show display photos. Easy, affordable Christmas booth ideas for craft business owners who sell at holiday craft fairs and Christmas markets.

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Oct 13, 2019

Christmas Design Trends 2019

Christmas design trends for 2019. Discover what shoppers who love handmade will be buying this holiday season.

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Oct 11, 2019

DIY Christmas Trends Trending Crafts to Sell for the 2019 Holiday Season

Etsy's DIY Christmas trends report for 2019 has been released just in time the holiday sales season. Want to modernize your holiday craft show display with the latest trend or add a few on-trend products? Check out this report first to discover what shoppers who love handmade are searching for heading into this Christmas season.

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Oct 02, 2019

Christmas Craft Show Display Ideas

Christmas craft show display ideas. 6 brand new photos of holiday craft show booths to help you get your own portable display ready for holiday craft fairs and markets.

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Sep 29, 2019

Craft Displays for Holiday Bazaars

9 photos of craft displays at holiday bazaars. Get your own craft booth ready for Christmas craft shows and markets with these display ideas.

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Sep 23, 2019

Free & Affordable Pinterest Tools

Pinterest tools to market your creative business on a budget. If you're starting a blog or promoting an Etsy shop on Pinterest, and your business budget is tight, you don't need to spend a lot on Pinterest marketing. Here's how you can get the job done for free.

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Sep 23, 2019

How Do Blogs Make Money?

How do blogs make money? If you're thinking of starting a blog, you'll need to plan out some monetization options. Here are 6 ways savvy beginner and more established bloggers make money.

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Sep 04, 2019

How to Use Pinterest for Business in 2019

How I use Pinterest for business in 2019. Here's my newly updated Pinterest marketing strategy that has boosted my website's traffic from Pinterest by 140%.

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Sep 03, 2019

Start Your Online Craft Business

How to sell your crafts online, develop better business collaborations, and finally, I'm sharing the Pinterest marketing strategy that increased traffic to my site from Pinterest by 140%.

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Aug 27, 2019

Protect Your Pinterest Account So You're Not Flagged for Spam

There's popular Pinterest marketing advice out there that worries me. It might work for now, but, in my opinion, it's pretty aggressive.

Here's why I don't use the most aggressive Pinterest marketing strategies, even if they appear to be working for other bloggers.

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Aug 26, 2019

Portable Displays for Craft Shows

Reduce the risk of theft at craft shows with an efficient booth design, plus 14 retail display ideas that can be translated into portable craft booth designs.

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Aug 22, 2019

Create an Art Show Display Designed for Your Customers

Create a display for art shows that's designed to appeal to your target market, and draw the right customers into your booth.

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Aug 21, 2019

Slat Walls for Craft Show Displays

7 photos of craft show displays that use slat wall panels. Slat wall panels and freestanding units are less common than other types of craft show display furniture. But in the right circumstance, they can be used to create a professional looking display.

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Aug 20, 2019

How to Display Necklaces at a Craft Show

10 necklace display ideas for craft shows. Clever necklace stands you can buy or DIY for your portable jewelry booth.

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Aug 19, 2019

Slat Wall Display Photos & Lessons from Retail Displays

Slat wall displays for craft shows, merchandising lessons from retail shops, brand new jewelry booth photos, and how to create a booth that appeals to your target customer.

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Aug 15, 2019

Build a Craft Business Online That You Truly Control

You might be giving away control of your online craft business without really knowing it. In fact, plenty of creative entrepreneurs don't truly "own" their online business. Here's how to avoid this common mistake, maintain control, and build real equity in an online creative business that you truly own.

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Aug 13, 2019

Why Pinterest Marketing is Good for Business

You probably know Pinterest marketing can help boost your online creative business. But do you truly know how much power Pinterest has to grow your business? Here's why you need to spend more time marketing your business on Pinterest.

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Aug 12, 2019

Selling Your Crafts Online

Start selling your crafts online with smarter online business building strategies. Make strategic choices about the foundation of your online business, maintain control of your business, and market your online business with strategies that are truly worth your time.

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Aug 08, 2019

10 Craft Booth Display Design Tips

10 tips to help you create a craft booth that is attractive, effective, safe, and practical.

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Aug 07, 2019

Gridwall Display Ideas for Your Craft Booth

How to use gridwall panels in your craft show booth. 14 photos of portable displays using gridwall panels to inspire your own craft booth designs.

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Aug 06, 2019

Craft Displays Designed for Efficient Transportation & Set Up

Create craft displays designed for easy transportation. Ensure low stress travel and setup at art shows with these 7 tips.

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Jul 11, 2019

10 Necklace Stand Photos to Inspire Your Jewelry Booth Design

10 necklace stand ideas for your jewelry booth. There are gorgeous store-bought and easy DIY ideas for displaying your handmade necklaces at craft shows.

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Jul 01, 2019

Celebrating Independence

This week seems like a perfect time to celebrate independence in its many forms. I'm celebrating and remembering to be grateful for the independence and freedom I have as a result of my online business.

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Jun 28, 2019

How to Get Started Blogging

How to get started blogging with effective, affordable tools and resources that actually work. Don't get fooled by bloggers who say you need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive tools and courses. You don't need all of that, and you don't need to break the bank to start a profitable blog.

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Jun 17, 2019

Selling on Consignment vs. Wholesale

Compare selling on consignment vs. wholesale for craft artists. Determine whether craft consignment is a smart way to achieve your business goals, or if you should stick to wholesaling if you want your handmade products in retail shops.

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Jun 14, 2019

What is a Fair Consignment Percentage?

Discover what is a fair consignment percentage for craft artists. If you want to sell your crafts on consignment, you'll need to be ready to negotiate a fair agreement with the retailer, including a reasonable split of the retail sales price.

Here's what's typical in consignment agreements, and how consignment differs from wholesale and retailing yourself.

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Jun 10, 2019

How Does Consignment Work?

How does consignment work? Here's how craft business owners can partner with retail shop owners to sell handmade products. Pros and cons of selling crafts this way and what to include in a consignment agreement contract.

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Jun 03, 2019

How to Display Paintings at an Art Show

Here's how to display paintings, art prints, and cards at an art show. Smart strategies for displaying larger original art as well as smaller canvases and prints at craft shows.

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Apr 13, 2019

Jewelry Display Lighting Ideas

9 photos of jewelry booths that feature effective portable lighting options. If you're not a jewelry designer, don't skip this article. These jewelry display lighting ideas can be applied to plenty of different types of craft show booths.

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Apr 12, 2019

Try A White Umbrella for Irregular Craft Booths

Do you have an irregular outdoor booth space to deal with at an upcoming craft show? Here are some solutions for providing shade in a booth space that won't fit your standard 10x10 portable canopy.

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Apr 11, 2019

Craft Fair Printable Packing List

Brand new printable craft show packing checklist PDF you can download to stay organized as you prepare for craft fairs. Plus, a list of craft show essentials to keep you happy and well-prepared for craft shows.

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Apr 10, 2019

Get Ready for Craft Show Season

It's time to get ready for craft show season! Summer craft show season will be ramping up soon, and you'll be busy preparing your booth, creating inventory, and trying to stay organized. This week's series of featured articles will help you prepare for the upcoming busy craft show season.

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Apr 09, 2019

Craft Show Lights

Good craft show lights are an essential part of an indoor display. The 7 booths featured here make great use of effective portable lighting solutions and will help you decide how to design lighting for your own booth.

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Apr 04, 2019

How to Apply to Juried Art Shows

Juried art shows can provide important opportunities for craft business owners, but if you're new to selling at craft shows, the application process can be a bit overwhelming. Here's how to get organized and make the best impression with your craft show applications.

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Mar 30, 2019

Best Craft Business Tips

Want to sell your crafts, but you have no idea where to start? Here are 6 of the most popular craft business articles on this site to help you start selling your handmade products and turn your hobby into a business.

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Mar 04, 2019

Visual Merchandising Strategies for Your Craft Booth

How to use proven visual merchandising techniques including strategic color, clever display design, and smart signs to create an effective craft booth that draws attention to your most profitable products.

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Feb 27, 2019

Visual Merchandising Display Strategies for Your Craft Booth

Three visual merchandising display strategies retailers use to boost sales that you can use in your portable booth at craft shows. How to use eye level product placement, pyramid-shaped displays, and repetition and alternation to entice shoppers to buy more.

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Feb 07, 2019

Art Booth Ideas With 8 Photos

8 photos full of art booth ideas. Here's how to display paintings and art prints in a portable display, create a booth that draws in customers, and make sure your booth design matches the aesthetic of your art.

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Feb 06, 2019

7 Art Booth Display Photos

7 art booth display photos show you how to create a display that showcases your style and draws attention from a distance.

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Jan 14, 2019

Visual Merchandising Tips for Craft Show Displays

Habit Visual Merchandising Tips for Craft Show Displays6 tested visual merchandising tip you can use to boost sales at craft shows. Big retailers use these tested strategies to entice customers to shop more, and you can use them in your own craft booth, too.

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Jan 12, 2019

Habit Management Strategies to Accomplish More in Less Time

Habit Management Strategies to Accomplish More in Less TimeHabits have an immense impact on your life. Those little tasks you do (or don't do) every day may not seem very consequential on any given day. But when you add up those small, consistent actions over time, they can turn into huge achievements.

Here's the first resource I found that really helped me to actively cultivate better habits that help to accomplish more and reach my goals.

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Jan 11, 2019

Effective Work Habits to Help You Grow Your Craft Business

Effective Work Habits to Help You Grow Your Craft BusinessWould you believe a full 40-45% of our daily actions are done out of habit?

That number shocked me, but it's backed up by scientific studies. And if 45% of our day is habit, that means, if we consciously develop helpful, productive habits, we can get almost half of our day right automatically.

Here's how to make your habits work for you, so you can achieve your goals this year.

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Jan 10, 2019

The Best Time Management Books

The Best Time Management BooksThere are a lot of terrible time management books out there.

Believe me, I've read them all. Too many of them depend on strategies that are only doable if you have total control of your time.

Good grief!

If I had total control of my time, I wouldn't need a time management book in the first place!

There are a few great books out there, though, that have really helped me to accomplish more and thrive.

These books meet you where you are rather than forcing inflexible schedules on you. They present strategies that can work with almost any type of lifestyle and work schedule, and in one way or another, they have all changed my life.

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Jan 09, 2019

Better Time Management Habits

Better Time Management HabitsFive time management habits that actually work!

Learn how the most productive people work, and apply these five completely do-able strategies to your own work routines to get more done in 2019.

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Jan 08, 2019

Trending Crafts That Will Sell Well in 2019

Trending Crafts That Will Sell Well in 2019What crafts will sell well in 2019?

I have the trend reports, interpreted for craft business owners, so you can create products that are in demand and on trend.

Don't get stuck with a booth full of yesterday's foxes and unicorns when all of your customers are looking for llamas and sloths!

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