Crafts That Sell Well - 2024 Popular Handmade Products to Make & Sell

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Jan. 3, 2019 | Modified Jan. 18, 2024
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Discover popular crafts that sell well on Etsy and at art shows — Updated for 2024.

What crafts will be in demand in 2024?

Examining search data from Etsy and Pinterest, along with survey responses from over 100 designers, we've identified 20 design trends for the upcoming year. You can use these trends as a guide to help you create and market handmade items expected to be popular in 2024, according to experts.

We'll take a quick look at these 20 growing trends, then we'll review 6 ways you can use the trends to sell more crafts. Finally, we will look at each trend in more detail.

Collage of rooms featuring 2024 design trends including maximalism, warm minimalism, biophilic design, Parisian and English country design.2024 design trends: Maximalism, Warm Minimalism, Biophilic Design, Parisian Decor, and English Country Style.

This page has the latest craft trends for 2024.

If you'd like to see handmade items that were popular in previous years, and how trends have evolved, check out past reports to see the most profitable crafts to sell from previous years.

20 Hot Design Trends for 2024

    Overall Design
  1. Maximalism
  2. Warm Minimalism
  3. Biophilic Design
  4. Classic Parisian Decor
  5. English Country Style
    Color Trends
  1. Peach Fuzz (Pantone)
  2. Berry (Etsy)
  3. New Neutrals: Chocolate, Eggplant, Forest Green
  4. Traditional Neutrals: Beige & Camel
  5. Bold Blues: Deep Navy & Aquamarine
    Trending Materials and Textiles
  1. Warm-Colored Marble
  2. Stone in Earthy Colors
  3. Darker Wood
  4. Performance Fabrics
  5. Denim
    Patterns & Themes
  1. Scallops
  2. Florals
  3. Geometrics
  4. Vintage
  5. Larger Scale Wall Decor

6 Ways to Use the Latest Trend Forecasts to Make Crafts That Sell Well

Before we examine each trend in more detail, let's take a look at how to use these trends to create high demand crafts that sell well in 2023. You can keep these 6 strategies in mind and think about how you might apply them as you learn about each trend. 

Simple ways you can work with popular trends to sell more crafts this year:

  1. Incorporate trends into your handmade products
  2. Incorporate trends into your craft packaging
  3. Use trend research to appeal to new customers
  4. Use on-trend merchandising in your craft show display booth
  5. Use trending styles in your product photography backgrounds and styling props
  6. Use trending search terms in titles and descriptions in your Etsy shop and in online marketing

You don't have to completely overhaul your products and marketing materials to reflect the hottest trends.

Your brand may already incorporate certain trending styles in some ways. Look for those existing style elements and draw attention to them. Then consider using simple, low commitment tactics to add trending design to your products or marketing.

1. Incorporate Trends into Your Handmade Products

This approach to selling the trend requires the biggest commitment for people who sell handmade items.

If you're going to change the design of your products to suit a trend, you'll need to be fairly certain you'll be able to sell those items while a trend is still hot.

Alternatively, you'll need to know the look will work for your brand over the long term. If a trend is a good fit with your existing products, it may be worth working it into your product design.

For example:

If you sell handmade accessories in softer colors, consider adding products in Pantone's color of the year, Peach Fuzz. If bolder colors are a more natural fit for your brand, consider featuring items in Etsy's colors of the year, Berry.

If any of this year's trending colors fit well with your existing brand, they will work over the long term.

Be sure to feature these items in your craft show display. If you sell on Etsy, include the trending color in each relevant product's title and description and consider making them featured items in your shop.

2. Incorporate Trends into Your Craft Packaging

If a trend is a good fit with your brand image, consider using that trend in your product packaging.

Changing up your product packaging to reflect handmade trends is still a bit of a commitment. However, for many products, it's fairly simple to change out the packaging, making this strategy less risky than completely redesigning your products.

3. Use Trend Research to Appeal to New Customers

As you research trending crafts that sell well, you may discover new potential customers. The trend forecasts may show your existing products are trendy with a group of people who are different from your existing customer base.

4. Use On-Trend Merchandising in Your Craft Show Display Booth

Do you sell your handmade items at craft shows?

Consider updating your display booth. It is a low cost, low commitment way to reach out to customers who are shopping for trending craft fair items.

Refreshing your craft show booth to reflect current handmade trends can be as simple as featuring or grouping key products together, or changing your signs or display props.

Choose a trend that's a good fit with your brand's style, and add an element of that look to your booth.

For example:

If you make soft, luxurious blankets that would help create a home that feels cozy and comforting, consider updating your display to clearly communicate that idea to shoppers.

You could take a cue from the visual merchandising techniques retailers use and add some props to create a lifestyle display that reflects this trend.

Styling one of your blankets with some flickering battery operated candles, a pretty cup and saucer, and a good book would let shoppers imagine how cozy they would feel curled up at home with one of your lovely blankets and a good book.

You can sell the trend without changing a thing about your products.

5. Use Trending Styles in Your Photography Backdrops and Styling Props

Using trending styles in your brand images is another fairly low commitment way to connect your products with a trending style.

Choose product photography styling props and backdrops to reflect a trend that works with your brand. Take a few new product photos using those props, and add them to your website, Etsy shop or use them in social media marketing.

Be sure to feature those new images on your website or online shop.

For example:

If connecting with nature is appealing to your customers, take some product photos using marble, stone, or wood backdrops or styling props.

Use wood background mats for tabletop photography, or photograph larger items in a forest setting.

6. Use Trending Search Terms in Titles and Descriptions in Your Etsy Shop and Online Marketing

If you have products that fit any of the most profitable crafts to sell, be sure to use those search terms in your online marketing.

Review the trends listed here and in the trend reports listed below, and determine if any of the trending search terms genuinely describe your products. If you find you do have existing products that are good matches for trending search terms, be sure to use those trending phrases in titles and descriptions for those products.

What Trends Will Be Popular in 2024?

Now that you know how to apply current trends to your business marketing, let's take a closer look at the color, interior design, fashion, and lifestyle trends that will be fashionable this year. 

In order to help creative business owners learn more about trending crafts to make and sell for 2024, I've focused on the latest trends that are most relevant to handmade items.

If you'd like to learn more about handmade items that experts predict will be in demand in 2024, I've linked to sources for all of these trend forecasts at the bottom of the article, so you can check them out yourself.

Overall Themes in Home Decor and Fashion for 2024

There are some overall themes within 2024 trends. People are looking for items that exude coziness. They want design that allows for personalized expression, and connecting with the outdoors and nature in general is a top priority for many. 

Cozy and Inviting

People are looking for spaces and experiences that feel cozy, inviting, and safe. They want to savor joy and simple comforts in their day-to-day lives. Rich texture, color inspired by nature, and an emphasis on spaces that provide privacy reflect this theme.

Personalized Expression

We're moving into 2024 with a focus on design and fashion that allows for distinctive, individual expression.

In home decor, maximalism and vintage pieces provide opportunities to add personality to a space. In fashion, custom charm jewelry is growing in popularity.

  • Etsy Marketplace Insights reports searches for "custom charm necklaces" are up 227% compared with the previous year.

Connecting with Nature

Connecting with nature can mean making your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable throughout the year, and entertaining outdoors. It can also be manifested in bringing nature themes into your home by using earthy colors and natural materials.

Let's take a look at each trend in some detail, then we'll review ways to work with trending crafts data to create and market popular handmade items that sell well.

General Design Trends for 2024

Apartment Therapy's 2024 Designer Survey highlights several overall design trends we'll see a lot of in 2024 including:

  • Maximalism
  • Warm Minimalism
  • Biophilic Design
  • Classic Parisian Decor
  • English Country Style


maximalist style living room with deep rich colorsMaximalist Style Living Room

The Maximalism trend is strong going into 2024. It includes an eclectic mix of decor choices, featuring strong color, bold patterns, and a vibrant look that provides plenty of opportunity for personal expression. 

Warm Minimalism

warm minimalist style living room with neutral colors, natural materials, and texturesWarm Minimalist Style Living Room

Trending on Pinterest - Terracotta

Minimalism stands in contrast to maximalism, but it remains popular in design. 2024's brand of minimalism is warm, not severe. Spaces are tidy, but made cosy by layering natural materials, textures and colors. 

Biophilic Design

Light-filled living room, many plants, biophilic design styleBiophilic Design in Living Room

We first reported on the biophilic design trend in 2022.

This style brings elements of nature into the home. It features natural materials and patterns that create a sense of tranquillity. Maximizing natural light and views of nature, and incorporating indoor plants, and nature-inspired art are also key elements of this trend.

Colors found in nature — camels, beiges, chocolate brown, burgundy, forest green, and shades of blues — are trending in 2024. You'll find these colors used heavily in biophilic design.

Classic Parisian Design

Classic Parisian style living roomClassic Parisian Style Living Room

Parisian decor is a classic style that captures the essence of both sophistication and comfort. This emerging design trend features oversized ornate mirrors, antique wooden furniture paired with chic modern pieces, impactful art that often serves as the room's focal point, and decorative moldings.

Walls are typically painted in neutral colors such as whites, creams, and grays that provide a perfect background for bold artwork and colorful, textured textiles.

  • Etsy Marketplace Insights reports searches for "glamorous wall mirrors" are up 30% compared with the previous year.

English Country Style

English country style living roomEnglish Country Style Living Room

English Country decor is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that strikes a balance between comfort and charm.

This emerging trending style features a mix and match combination of furniture pieces that are traditional with an aged appearance. You won't find sleek, modern lines here; instead, expect to see plush sofas, sturdy, worn wooden tables, and antique chairs all arranged in a way that graciously invites people to settle in.

This style also features an abundance of patterns. Florals, plaids, stripes, and gingham are all commonly used, often layered together. Look for scalloped edges on cushions, window coverings and other accessories.

2024 Color Trends

Design trends for 2024 will favor warmer colors and earth tones, plus our ongoing love for blues continues. These natural, rich shades create a cozy atmosphere.

Trends now feature a balance between neutrals and bold colors. You'll see neutrals like creams and soft pastels adding simple elegance in Parisian and Warm Minimalist style. Conversely, designers are favoring bold colors like forest greens and navy blues in Maximalist decor.

Kitchen designs are also becoming more colorful. White cabinets are becoming less popular, replaced by colored ones. Bold countertops, particularly in reds and purples, are adding a vibrant touch to the heart of the home.

  • Pinterest Predicts 2024 indicates that searches for "green kitchen paint" are up 55% compared with the previous year.

Pantone Color of the Year 2024 - Peach Fuzz

knitting in Pantone color of the year 2024 peach fuzzPantone Color of the Year 2024 - Peach Fuzz

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023), a cozy shade that projects a feeling of warmth and calm serenity.

The color was chosen, in part, for its ability to inspire a sense of comfort and positivity. It provides a touch of summer warmth in any season, giving spaces the cozy, inviting feel that so many people are seeking in 2024.

Etsy Color of the Year 2024 - Berry

knitting in Etsy color of the year 2024 berryPantone Color of the Year 2024 - Peach Fuzz

Etsy's Color of the Year for 2024 is Berry.

Berry is an eye-catching deep shade of pink shade that contrasts equally well with the dark earth tones as well as the lighter neutral colors that are trending this year.

In fashion or home decor, it is the perfect color to use as an accent to add interest and excitement to your color schemes.

Neutrals: Chocolate Brown, Eggplant, Forest Green

This year, thanks to the growing popularity of Maximalist design, darker color palettes featuring colors found in nature are becoming more prevalent. These rich shades — think chocolate brown, eggplant, and forest green — will widely being used as neutrals in 2024.

Traditional Neutrals: Beige and Camel

On the opposite extreme, designers are also embracing lighter, more traditional neutrals like beige and camel.

These colors are versatile and pair well with most other colors. They can be used to create elegant spaces and work beautifully in Soft Minimalist and Parisian-inspired decors.

Bold Blues: Deep Navy and Aquamarine

While earth tones are dominating 2024, bold blues are also popular in home decor and beauty.

For the home, you'll see beautiful navy blue walls in stylish homes that embrace Maximalism. In beauty, vivid aquamarine will be on eyes and nails this year.

Pinterest searches related to blue nail color and makeup that have grown in 2024 include:

  • 260% increase in searches for fun blue nails
  • 100% increase in searches for aqua makeup look
  • 70% increase in searches for light blue prom makeup

Popular Materials And Textiles for 2024


Designers predict marble in warm colors will be popular in 2024. This trend fits with the move toward earth tones and natural materials in the home.


Designers also say they will be incorporating stone in earth tones in home decor. You'll see terracotta shades that became prevalent in 2023. Also, expect to see more purplish-black stone, reflecting the growing popularity of rich, saturated colors like eggplant.


A fairly equal number of designers are choosing dark wood vs. light wood. 54% recommend dark woods, and 46% recommend light woods according to Apartment Therapy's Designers' Survey 2024. However, dark wood is rising in popularity as part of a broader trend toward darker colors.

Performance Fabrics

Durable performance fabrics continue to be a popular choice in home decor. People want items in their homes to be functional and long-lasting as well as beautiful.


Denim is popular in home decor and fashion for 2024.

In home decor, look for denim accessories like placemats and cushions. In fashion, try a retro-inspired denim jacket.

  • Etsy Marketplace Insights reports searches for "customized denim jacket" are up 355% compared with the previous year.

Popular Patterns & Themes for 2024

In 2024, look for furniture and accessories with scalloped edges, bold floral and geometric patterns, vintage items, and large-scale wall decor.


2024 brings focus to an intriguing detail: scallops. This trend is finding its way into home decor and offering a playful twist to interiors.

Scalloped shapes in furniture or accessories bring in softness and visual interest that breaks away from traditional straight lines and sharp angles.

Expect to see scallops adorning everything from furniture like sofas, headboards, and side tables to smaller accents such as cushions, lampshades, and rugs. The unique charm of scalloping adds a chic, vintage feel, and fits perfectly with English Country design style.


2024 will be blooming with floral patterns and motifs. This year, we'll welcome into our home decor bold, graphic florals to add a modern twist as well as botanical motifs that strike a balance between traditional and contemporary style.

Embracing botanic beauty reflects a growing desire to bring natural elements indoors for a comforting and serene living environment.

Geometric Patterns

Look for bold geometric patterns in 2024 home decor. Among these designs, the checkerboard pattern, particularly in flooring, stands out. Checkerboard patterns offer a retro touch with a modern twist.

Expect to see living spaces energized as geometry becomes a go-to design element in home decor.


In the realm of 2024 home decor, vintage items are making a stylish comeback. This trend is not about recreating a specific era. The focus is on mixing and matching pieces from different periods to create an eclectic, layered look that expresses your personal style.

The beauty of vintage decor lies in its ability to infuse personality, character, and a hint of nostalgia into modern living spaces. Whether it's a family heirloom or a charming find from a local thrift store, each item carries a story, adding depth to the overall design narrative of a home.

Larger Scale Wall Decor

2024 may be the year to say goodbye to the once-popular gallery wall.

This year, you can expect to find large-scale, single pieces of art that serve as an instantaneous, dramatic focal point adorning the walls of the most stylish homes.

Etsy searches related to wall art that have changed in 2024 include:

  • 16% decrease in searches for gallery wall items
  • 25% increase in searches for one large framed art piece

More Crafts Ideas to Sell in 2024

I haven't covered all of the trend predictions for 2024. I've focused on areas that could be easily translated into sellable craft ideas or used in your marketing strategies.

There are more trends for 2024 that may suit your handmade business perfectly. 

You can use the links below to check the Pinterest search trends, Etsy trend report, and designer survey I used for this article, and find even more predictions of crafts that sell well in 2024.

Find out what crafts sell well on Etsy here:

Etsy Top 2024 Trend Predictions

Etsy Marketplace Insights for Early 2024

Check out the Pinterest Predicts report here:

Top Pinterest trends for 2024

See what 100+ designers predict for the coming year:

Apartment Therapy 2024 Designer's Survey

Stack of handmade blankets. Text - Trending crafts to sell in 20242024 craft trends to sell

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