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By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Jan. 3, 2019 | Modified Jan. 13, 2022
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What will be the most popular crafts that sell well in 2022?

Check out these 15 top design trends to discover the hottest crafts to make and sell for the upcoming year.

You can integrate any of these key trends into the design of your handmade products or your brand images and marketing. 

This page has been updated with craft trends for 2022.

If you were looking for handmade trends from previous years, here's where you'll find the reports covering the most profitable crafts to sell for past years.

Collage of trends for 2022 including goth woman, Memphis style pattern, dried flowers in handmade vases, pastel checkerboard pattern, and wide studded belt.Trending crafts 2022: goth style, Memphis design, cottagecore, pastels and checkerboard patterns, and punk fashion.

15 Top Design Trends for 2022

    Overall Design
  1. Memphis Design Elements
  2. Danish / Denmark Pastels
  3. Punk Fashion
  4. Goth Style
  5. Cottagecore Aesthetics
  6. Biophilic Design
  1. Periwinkle
  2. Emerald Green
  3. Pastels
  4. Brights / Colorful Design
    Shape & Pattern
  1. Squiggles
  2. Abstract Shapes
  3. Checkerboard Patterns
  1. Luxury Everywhere
  2. Celebrating Everything

Hottest Craft Trends for 2022

Let's look at each of these trends in more detail, so you can use the information to design crafts that sell well in 2022.

In their 2022 trend reports, Etsy and Pinterest forecast several overall design trends that will be popular in the upcoming year including:

  • Memphis Style
  • Danish / Denmark Pastel
  • Punk
  • Goth
  • Cottagecore
  • Biophilic Design

Overall, these trends reflect a nostalgic mood and a desire for simplicity and connection to nature.

Memphis Style

Memphis style pattern with bright colors, graphic shapes, and squiggles.Memphis style pattern: bright colors, graphic shapes, and squiggles.

Memphis style is the definitive playful, bold look that dominated design in the 80s. Think bold patterns, random geometric shapes and squiggles, a clash of vivid colors mixed with pastels, and graphic black and white elements, and you have the essentials of Memphis design.

Elements of Memphis style have been trending for several years now. Remember when terrazzo was everywhere? That's another element of Memphis style that was featured in the Crafts That Sell Well report in 2019.

This '80s inspired style continues to be popular into 2022 in both fashion and home decor. And the popularity is reflected in search trends on both Pinterest and Etsy.

Pinterest searches for vibrant outfits have increased 16 times compared with the previous year. On Etsy, searches for squiggles — a classic element of Memphis pattern design — are up 177% compared with the previous year.

Danish / Denmark Pastels

Checkerboard pattern with pastel colors.Checkerboard pattern with pastel colors popular in Danish pastel interiors.

Danish pastel style, also known as Denmark pastel, has seen a huge jump in Etsy searches in 2022.

Beyond pastel colors, this interior decor style also includes: seashell motifs, candles, gold accents, organic curved lines, checkerboard patterns, and gingham patterns.

Some of Danish pastel search terms trending on Etsy include:

  • 28,705% increase in searches for Denmark pastel
  • 2,627% increase in searches for pastel room decor
  • 275% increase in searches for pastel candle
  • 160% increase in searches for checkerboard pattern


Wide studded belt.Wide studded belt popular in punk fashion.

According to Etsy, items that reflect elements of '70s and '80s punk fashion are trending and will be among the top selling handmade items in demand for 2022.

Compared with the previous year, Etsy reports:

  • 879% increase in searches for spiked collars
  • 48% increase in searches for vintage plaid items
  • 37% increase in searches for fishnet items
  • 34% increase in searches for studded belts
  • 14% increase in searches for silver jewelry


Goth style: black clothing accented with deep crimson, black velvet choker necklace.Goth style: black clothing accented with crimson, and black velvet choker necklace.

Key features of goth style include: a dark and elegant aesthetic, black sometimes combined with with deep reds or purples, Victorian and Elizabethan period style clothing, velvet, silver jewelry, and fishnet stockings.

Pinterest reports strong year-over-year growth in searches for goth style including: 

  • 90% increase in searches for goth business casual 
  • 70% increase in searches for goth cowboy
  • 120% increase in searches for goth baby clothes
  • 85% increase in searches for goth kitchen decor
  • 185% increase in searches for goth pajamas

Over on Etsy, there has been a 365% increase in searches for velvet chokers.


Dried flowers in handmade vases.Cottagecore style dried flowers in handmade vases.

Cottagecore got its start around 2018 and grew in popularity in response to people spending so much time at home in 2020. It features nostalgic and cozy elements of romanticized, peaceful rural life.

This trend reflects a desire to connect with nature, embrace simple living, disconnect from technology, and escape from the pressures of fast-paced life.

Cottagecore style centers around natural colors, natural light, and natural materials. Common motifs include fields, forests, wildflowers, gardens, mushrooms, and strawberries. Cottagecore style can also embrace elements of fantasy, including fairies, gnomes and crystals.

In fashion, you'll see long, flowy, and layered dresses, puff sleeves, ruffles, lace trim, and handmade accessories. In interior design, this trend features natural materials including wood and stone, embroidery, vintage pottery, plants, flowers (fresh or dried), and handmade items.

The growing popularity of the cottagecore aesthetic will make items featuring natural textures, natural light, dried flowers, and fantasy-related themes among the crafts that sell well on Etsy in 2022.

Some cottagecore-related searches seeing growth on Etsy include:

  • 51% increase in searches for fairy items
  • 54% increase in searches for prisms or suncatchers

Biophilic Design

Livingroom with garden wall and lush plants.Biophilic design: interior garden with vertical plant wall.

Biophilic design seeks to create buildings that enable people to easily connect with the natural environment to enhance health and productivity.

Pinterest searches related to biophilic design have grown in 2022 including:

  • 150% increase in searches for biophilic architecture
  • 3X increase in searches for biophilic office design
  • 100% increase in searches for biophilic design bedroom

Popular Color Trends for 2022

Periwinkle — Pantone Color of the Year

Veri Peri, Pantone color of the year 2022Veri Peri — Pantone's color of the year

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is Veri Peri PANTONE 17-3938. Check out some color palettes using this shade of periwinkle to see how well it works with Memphis style designs.

Emerald Green — Etsy Color of the Year

Emerald green, Etsy color of the year 2022Emerald green — Etsy's color of the year

Emerald green is Etsy's color of the year for 2022. This leafy green shade fits perfectly with the growing cottagecore design trend.

Etsy search trends show the popularity of this natural color:

  • 64% increase in searches for emerald green items
  • 60% increase in searches for emerald green decor
  • 150% increase in searches for moss agate

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors trending for 2022.Pastels — Trending with Danish pastel design & Memphis design

Pastels are trending on Etsy for 2022.

These soft shades are used along with bright colors in Memphis style designs.

The growing popularity of Danish pastel interior decor is also driving the interest in pastel decor items. In this style, pastels are used on their own, sometimes accented with gold.

Here are some pastel-related searches that are trending on Etsy:

  • 28,705% increase in searches for Denmark pastel
  • 2,627% increase in searches for pastel room decor
  • 275% increase in searches for pastel candle

Brights / Colorful Design

Bright colors trending for 2022Bright colors — Trending with Memphis design

Bright, colorful design is trending on both Pinterest and Etsy.

Etsy trends include:

  • 223% increase in searches for colorful wedding items
  • 22% increase in searches for colorful lighting

On Pinterest trending searches for colorful design include:

  • 2X increase in searches for rainbow dress women
  • 4X increase in searches for fuschia dress outfit
  • 140% increase in searches for electric blue outfit
  • 16X increase in searches for vibrant outfits
  • 90% increase in searches for gradient dress

Trending Shapes and Patterns


Memphis squiggles pattern trending for 2022Squiggles pattern — Trending with Memphis design

Bold patterns featuring squiggles are a classic element of Memphis style. On Etsy, searches for squiggles have increased 177% compared with the previous year.


Checkerboard pattern trending for 2022Checkerboard pattern — Trending with Denmark pastels

Checkerboard patterns are hot in 2022. Part of the popularity can be attributed to the growth in interest in Danish pastel style.

Here's how this style is trending on Pinterest: 

  • 160% increase in searches for checkerboard pattern
  • 165% increase in searches for checkerboard nails
  • 4X increase in searches for checkered rug
  • 5X increase in searches for checkered tile floor
  • 95% increase in searches for checkered suit men

Abstract Shapes

Say goodbye to boring rectangular rugs. In 2022 handmade shoppers want abstract shapes — another key component of Memphis design.

On Etsy, searches for abstract shape rugs have increased by 71% compared with last year.

Lifestyle Trends

Luxury Everywhere

In 2022, people are looking to bring luxury into every part of their lives — including some unexpected spaces.

Luxury sleep and loungewear

  • 96X increase in searches for lounge lingerie
  • 8X increase in searches for silk nightgown aesthetic
  • 2X increase in searches for satin nighty

Luxury in the home

  • 11X increase in searches for luxury laundry room ideas
  • 2X increase in searches for luxury basement ideas
  • 2X increase in searches for luxury gaming room
  • 5X increase in searches for luxury garage interior
  • 2X increase in searches for luxury kids bedroom
  • 3X increase in searches for luxury cat room
  • 115% increase in searches for luxury dog room

Celebrate Everything

People are ready to party in 2022! That is, they are looking for ways to celebrate life moments that usually pass by unremarked.

Check out some of Pinterest's trending party-related searches:

  • 55% increase in searches for divorce party ideas
  • 85% increase in searches for adopt a pet birthday party ideas
  • 2X increase in searches for breakup cake
  • 40% increase in searches for empty nest photoshoot

How to Use 2022 Trend Forecasts to Make Crafts That Sell Well

You don't have to completely overhaul your products and marketing materials to reflect the most popular handmade items in 2022.

There are plenty of design styles with varied looks trending this year.

Choose one trending style that suits your brand's overall image and existing products. Find ways your products, merchandising, and brand images already reflect that trend, and draw attention to those features. Then use simple, low commitment tactics to add trending design to your products or marketing.

There are a few ways you can use handmade trends to sell more crafts this year:

  • incorporate trends into your handmade products
  • incorporate trends into your craft packaging
  • use trend research to appeal to new customers
  • use on-trend merchandising in your craft show display booth
  • use trending styles in your photography backdrops and styling props
  • use trending search terms in titles and descriptions in your Etsy shop and in online marketing

Incorporate Trends into Your Handmade Products

This approach to selling the trend requires that biggest commitment for people who sell handmade items.

If you're going to change the design of your product to suit a trend, you'll need to be fairly certain you'll be able to sell those items while a trend is still hot. Or, you'll need to know the trend will work for your brand over the long term.

If a trend is a good fit with your existing products, it may be worth working that trend into your product design. 

For example:

If you sell handmade lavender bath products, you may want to embrace Pantone's color of the year, Veri Peri. Adding that color to some of your items could work over the long term because it fits perfectly with the nature of your products.

Incorporate Trends into Your Craft Packaging

If a trend is a good fit with your brand image, consider using that trend in your product packaging.

Changing up your product packaging to reflect handmade trends is still a bit of a commitment. However, for many products, it's fairly simple to change out the packaging, making this strategy less risky than completely redesigning your products.

For example:

Imagine you sell the same lavender bath products from the previous example.

You think Pantone's color of the year, Veri Peri, is a great fit for your brand. However, your customers love your products for being clean and simple without unnecessary additives, so you don't want to add color to your actual products.

Instead, you could use that color in your product packaging. Your products keep the clean, simple quality your customers love while you use a popular color trend to market your crafts.

Use Trend Research to Appeal to New Customers

As you research trending crafts that sell well, you may discover that items similar to the crafts you make to sell are popular with a group of shoppers who are different from your existing customer base.

Use that knowledge to reach out to new customers.

For example:

Imagine you are a clothing designer. Your customers love your dark, elegant style which reflects the goth aesthetic.

You see that "goth business casual" is trending on Pinterest. Your own designs are an excellent fit for goth business casual, but you realize you've never promoted your clothing to people who love the goth aesthetic and are looking for work-appropriate items.

You can use product photography styling, keywords, and product descriptions to promote your clothing that's suitable for business casual and use this trend to reach out to a new group of customers.

Use On-Trend Merchandising in Your Craft Show Display Booth

If you sell your handmade items at craft shows, updating your booth is a low cost — possibly free — and low commitment way to reach out to customers who are shopping for trending, popular craft fair items.

Refreshing your craft show booth to reflect handmade trends for 2022 can be as simple as featuring or grouping key products together, or changing your signs or display props.

Choose a trend that's a good fit with your brand's style, and add an element of that look to your booth. 

For example:

If your products feature pastel colors and organic, curved lines, the trending Danish pastel style works with your brand's existing style.

You could take a cue from the visual merchandising techniques retailers use and add some props to create a lifestyle display that reflects this trend.

A new pastel checkerboard table covering, perhaps some seashells scattered amid your display, and some gold accents would place your display clearly in the Danish pastel style. You can sell the trend without changing a thing about your products.

Use Trending Styles in Your Photography Backdrops and Styling Props

Using trending styles in your brand images is a fairly low commitment way to connect your product with a trending style. 

Simply choose product photography styling props and backdrops to reflect a trend that works with your brand. Take a few new product photos using those props, and add them to your website, Etsy shop or use them in social media marketing. Be sure to feature those new images on your site/shop.

For example:

If the cottagecore aesthetic is appealing to your customers, take some lifestyle product photos using natural light photography.

Use wood or stone background mats for tabletop photography, or photograph larger items in a forest or among wildflowers. Consider adding styling props that feature common cottagecore motifs like dried flowers or strawberries.

Use Trending Search Terms in Titles and Descriptions in Your Etsy Shop and Online Marketing

If you have existing products that already fit any of the most most profitable crafts to sell for 2022, be sure to use those search terms in your online marketing.

For example:

Emerald green items are trending on Etsy for 2022.

The handmade pillows made with beautiful rich green fabric in your Etsy shop may get views from shoppers if you add the trending term "emerald green" to the product's title and description.

Find More Craft Ideas to Sell in 2022

Do you want to take a deeper dive into the handmade items in demand and learn more about the crafts that sell well in 2022?

Check out the trend reports from Etsy and Pinterest.

I haven't described all of the upcoming design trends predicted for this year. I've focused on ones that were a good fit for many handmade business.

You might find other trends that fit your brand and ideas to promote your crafts within those reports.

Find what crafts are trending on Etsy here:

Top trends on Etsy for 2022

Check out the Pinterest search trend report here:

Top Pinterest trends for 2022

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