Craft Show News
It's Time to Apply to Juried Art Shows

This week on the Craft Business Challenge:
Craft show news! It's time to apply to craft shows for the coming year. Are you ready to make the best impression with your juried art show applications?

Craft Show News

It's January, you might still be recovering from the busyness of the last big Christmas sales season. But guess what! It's time to start thinking about Christmas craft shows again, and summer shows as well. 

Many juried shows have their applications for the coming season available in January or February. Some are even due this early in the year. So, if your goal is to be accepted into a few shows this year, it's time to get moving.

This week's craft business challenge will help with tips for researching shows in your area, completing juried art show applications, and improving your product photography skills. Art studio tour applications will be due soon, too, so I've also included tips for applying to your local studio tour this week.

The newest articles on the site this week stick with the craft show news theme. I've added 14 new photos of fabulous craft booths for your inspiration.

New This Week

Since the focus this week is on craft show applications, and I have loads of inspiring craft booth photos sitting on my computer just waiting to be shared, I thought I'd post some brand new photos of craft booths this week.

Tabletop Jewelry Displays

Tabletop Jewelry Displays

Here are seven jewelry booths that use counter height tables as the center of their displays. See how these jewelry artists use commercial and DIY jewelry stands to create height, and add visual interest to their displays.

Display Stands for Art Shows

Display Stands for Art and Prints

Clever ideas for displaying your original art and art prints at craft shows. See how artists use traditional and nontraditional materials for displaying their work.

Timely Tips from Past Articles

FOCUS: Craft show applications

You might not be ready to think about Christmas craft shows, or even summer shows in January, but it is time! Many craft show applications are available online and even due in January and February. If you plan to sell at shows and you haven't started planning for your upcoming year, it's time to get moving.

Craft Show News

Choose the Right Craft Shows

There may be plenty of craft shows in your area, but they won't necessarily all be the right fit for your business. Here's how to research craft shows to make an informed decision about which shows you'd like to participate in.

Juried Art Show Application Guide

Better Juried Art Show Applications

How to complete your craft show applications to show your business in the best possible light.

Better Craft Product Photography

Better Product Photography

To get into better shows, you need outstanding product shots. Here's an excellent resource to help you get better photos for your craft show applications.

Art Studio Tour Applications

Art Studio Tour Applications

Are you thinking about participating in your local art studio tour this year? Those applications (for both spring and fall tours) are often due very early in the year, too. Here's how to start participating in a local studio tour.

Printable Signs for Your Craft Booth

Need some signs to spruce up your craft booth and encourage shoppers to buy? I have plenty in my Etsy shop.


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