Necklace Display Stands, New Jewelry Booth Photos & Tent Buying Tips

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This week on the Craft Business Challenge: 

7 new jewelry booth photos, and clever ways to display necklaces. Plus, everything you need to know before you buy a craft tent.

Handmade necklaces on a tabletop display. Text - Create Your Craft Booth

The focus this week is on creating your craft booth with inspiration for designing gorgeous displays and information to help you buy the right craft tent.

Jewelry artists are in luck! I have 7 brand new jewelry booth photos. Plus plenty of pretty necklace displays including commercially available busts and clever DIY solutions. 

If you need a new craft tent for upcoming shows, check out my craft tent buying guide first. I have loads of information there - everything I learned when I was buying my own tent - so you can choose the right canopy for yourself. Don't waste money on the wrong craft tent. Do  you research, so you'll be prepared to buy the right tent for your needs.


7 Gorgeous Jewelry Booth Photos: Just in time to start gearing up for craft show season, I have 7 new jewelry booth photos with a mixture of DIY and commercially made display ideas.


Focus: Create Your Craft Booth

Craft Tent Buying Guide: A craft tent will likely be one of your biggest expenses when you start to design your craft booth, so you want to ensure you buy the right tent and find the right balance between price, features, and quality. Here's everything I know about buying a craft tent to help you make the right choice.

Necklace Display Stands: 11 photos of jewelry booths featuring necklace display stands.

DIY Necklace Display Stands: Some clever DIY necklace display stands you can make yourself.


Don't you wish you could encourage your customers to splurge a bit? I have plenty of printable craft booth signs in my Etsy shop to inspire your customers to treat themselves and support your small business.


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