11 Necklace Display Ideas

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Here we have nothing but necklace display ideas! 11 booth photos show you how to use commercially available jewelry busts or clever DIY display solutions to create a stand-out jewelry booth that shows your necklaces at their very best.

Busts are often the first thing you consider when looking at ways to display necklaces. Commercially made necklace busts have the benefit of being professional looking, portable, and easy to set up. They come in a range of prices depending on the material and style you choose, so you should be able to find busts that fit your budget.

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You'll very likely want consistency of color throughout your booth, so, if you're also buying earring display stands and ring display stands, you'll probably want to stick to the same color for all of your display pieces.

Think carefully about the color of bust you choose. The color of your busts can have a big impact on the overall feel of your booth.

The two photos below show booths using white necklace busts for display. White is a color that is very easy to live with. It offers a degree of flexibility if the overall look and feel of your jewelry designs changes over time and you need to change your display to match.

White Jewelry Booth
White Jewelry Busts

The next two booths use natural-colored jewelry busts. While the color is still quite neutral, notice the effect is slightly different when compared with the booths using white busts. The natural colored necklace stands add a slightly more relaxed, informal, and casual feel to the booths.

If this look is a good fit with your jewelry, consider natural colored necklace stands for your display. Do be aware, however, when you choose this color, you are making a commitment to a certain look in your display.

I love the next two necklace display ideas made from wood blocks. They both appear to be custom made stands. On the left, thinner wood blocks are used. They stand on a slight angle supported by simple matching stands.

The displays on the right couldn't be simpler. Wood block thick enough to stand securely on their own are used to display several handmade silver necklaces. Both options make gorgeous necklace display options.

There's one  thing both of these next booths have in common - excellent lighting. Great lighting is always crucial to your jewelry booth no matter how you choose to display your products.

Notice the interesting necklace display idea in the photo on the left. The designer has used a frame secured to the table and wrapped in tulle to support lights and hang several necklaces. A frame like this could be constructed out of any type of material (PVC pipe might work nicely) because the fabric wrap hides everything including, I imagine, cords for the lights.  

I love this next booth. It has loads of personality, and the mannequins used to display several of this craft professional's most eye-catching necklaces do a great job of attracting attention to the booth and drawing customers in for a closer look.

Notice the dress forms are arranged in a group of three. Interior designers often recommend using odd numbers in arrangements, so 3 mannequins together will work better than 2 or 4. The variation in size and style keeps the arrangement interesting, but the color (primarily white with black accents) makes this arrangement of mannequins feel like a set that belongs together.

Portable necklace display at a craft show.

Here's one final necklace display idea. These rustic boxes with simple cup hooks create room to display plenty of necklaces. You could use any type of box; choose the look based on the feel you want to create in your booth. As a bonus, the boxes would function well for transporting the booth and storing items when not in use.

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