Necklace Displays for Your Jewelry Booth

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6 clever DIY necklace displays to highlight your most eye-catching designs and get your jewelry booth in shape for your next craft show.

You can always use tried and true jewelry busts for your necklace displays at craft shows. However, if you don't love the look of commercial jewelry busts, and you want to get a little more creative and DIY some clever stands for your jewelry booth, I have six great ideas for you to check out.

The booth pictured below uses an inventive mix of commercial and handmade jewelry displays.

The tall, black necklace stand in the center of the photo is just a rectangular box turned on its side. To recreate the look, find a box with a hinged lid . Make sure it is long enough to accommodate the lengths of chain in your necklaces.

If you don't love the interior or exterior of your box, you can paint it a color that suits your brand, and add a soft velvet, velveteen, or felt fabric lining to the interior bottom and lid. Add some cup hooks as you see in the photo, and voilà, you have a gorgeous jewelry case that's perfect for storage and display.

Notice also, the necklaces displayed on a tile at the front of the photo. Take a trip to your local building supply shop, find a tile (or two or three) that shows of your jewelry well, and add these into the mix in your booth. Simple and affordable!

Handmade jewelry display stands

This next display is gorgeous and effective. It drew loads of people into the booth for a closer look. However, I have to admit, I haven't completely figured out exactly how these tall necklace stands were made, and I can't find anything like them anywhere else.

It appears the designer has taken some vintage necklace busts that are full of character and attached them to tall, sturdy black bases. They stand at eye level in the outside corner of the booth, enticing customers to take a closer look. In displays, odd numbered groupings often work best, so this group of three at slightly varied heights is perfect.

What I can't completely figure out is what the black bases are made of. If I was trying to rig up the same type of display in my home, I have an old music stand that might do the job if I removed the flat part that holds the music, but I don't think that's what is used here.

If anyone has any bright ideas about what could be used to create a similar base, please share your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

Necklaces on display at an outdoor craft show

Next, we have simple, wooden necklace displays. The black and light wood color scheme works well with the handmade wooden jewelry. Displays are made from wooden rectangles with notches cut in the sides to support the necklaces. The stands are also a simple wood design.

Necklace displays at a craft fair

The next display is similar to the last one. It begins with rectangular wooden display pieces, but instead of displaying them on a table top, there are connected with chain and tiny eye hooks and suspended from the frame of the tent. This display is a smart way to make use of the wall space in your booth.

Hanging necklace display boards

Here's another way to use your wall space to display necklaces - large frames suspended from the tent frame. Clever!

Notice the supporting chain runs horizontally as well as vertically. Securing the frames in both directions would help to minimize any swaying on a breezy day.

Necklaces displayed on large hanging frames

This necklace stand made with copper pipe is fantastic. Notice how it is anchored to a base to ensure the display is secure. I also love the note on the mirror inviting people to try it on! It's a great way to encourage people to pick up and try the jewelry.

Handmade necklace display stand

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6 DIY necklace displays

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