Product Display Ideas for Craft Shows 

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This week on the Craft Business Challenge:

Plenty of product display ideas and photos to help you create a fantastic booth for your next craft show. Plus, a brand new series on how to become a craft teacher.

This week, I have product display ideas including booth flooring and signs, and a simple but important craft tent buying tip. Plus, I'm excited about the brand new series about how to become a craft teacher.

Outdoor craft show booth. Text - Craft booth flooring and signs, plus a tent buying tip.

I began my career as a teacher and have taught everything from algebra to jewelry making. When I started looking around at my site for topics I hadn't covered, I was surprised to realize I hadn't really written about how to teach your crafts.

As often happens when I start writing, one article turned into five, and now you have a full series on how to teach your crafts. The first article featured this week shows you how to assess your own craft to determine what you need to plan, organize, and make happen before you start your first class.

In the timely tips from past articles, we'll look at craft booths, which is always a hot topic heading into the summer craft show season. First, we'll take a look at 10 displays that make excellent use of booth signs to draw attention and communicate with customers. Whether you want to create something very large-scale for your own booth, or include a few smaller signs throughout your display, you'll find examples that show how different types of signs affect the overall effectiveness of a booth.

Next, 8 photos to help you choose portable flooring for your craft booth. While you can get away without flooring at some shows (particularly outdoor ones on grass), some shows require you to provide flooring for your display. If you need to add flooring, these photos will give you ideas for your own booth. 

Finally, an important tip for those in the market for a craft tent.


How to Be a Crafts Teacher: Some crafts are fairly straightforward to teach, others require careful planning for space, equipment needs, and safety. The first article in the series on teaching crafts shows you how to think through the logistics of teaching your own craft to determine how to make your class a success.



Pop Up Display Booth Signs: The right booth signs can speak volumes to customers at craft shows. But what kinds of signs would work best for your booth? Here are 10 craft booth photos that show you how different signs communicate effectively with customers.

Craft Booth Flooring: Flooring is one of the more overlooked elements of craft booth design. If you want to add flooring to your display, these photos will get you started.

Choose the Right Craft Tent: This simple craft tent buying mistake can leave you filled with regret. Keep this important tip in mind when you choose a craft tent for outdoor shows.


Encourage your customers to splurge a bit!

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