Email Marketing for Beginners

by Lisa McGrimmon

This week on the Weekly Craft Business Challenge:
The focus is on developing your business newsletter with my 8-part series on email marketing. Also, 9 tips to help you protect your business name online, and 6 new pottery booth photos.

Email Marketing Tutorial

This week we cover, in detail, email marketing for beginners with my 8-part series on how to develop a newsletter for your craft business.

A newsletter is an important part of an online business mix because it is the one marketing strategy you control the most. A newsletter provides a measure of insurance against the whims and changes of other online business marketing platforms. We'll also look at 9 ways to protect your business name online, and 6 new pottery display photos.

Whether you sell online or in person, or both, if you don't have a newsletter for your craft business, you really should. A business newsletter is an inexpensive (sometimes even free) and simple way to stay in touch with your most loyal customers.

Anyone who signs up for your newsletter has enough interest in your business that they want to hear from you on a regular basis. Those are the type of customers you want to keep in contact with. 

Publishing a newsletter is one of the few online promotional strategies that you largely control.

If you promote your business on social media or with traffic from search engines, one algorithm change to your best source of traffic could decimate your business. If you rely on marketplaces like Etsy to bring you customers, you're stuck with their policies, and if you don't like those policies, you can't move on to another platform because you don't own your online traffic, the marketplace does.

Your newsletter is different. You control your email list, and with a few exceptions, there isn't much that can take that away from you. If you suddenly stop getting visitors to your shop from Instagram because the Instagram algorithm has changed, or if Etsy raises their fees, and you don't like it, you're not stuck if you have a thriving newsletter. If you have a way to contact customers that isn't largely dependent on the whims of another company's policies, you control your business, and you can step away from platforms and marketplaces if they change in ways that are detrimental to your business.

I hope I have you convinced of the value of developing a newsletter. Let's dive in to the articles, so you can get started!


6 pottery display photos

6 Pottery Display Photos

These new photos showcase a variety of styles of pottery and displays from casual to elegant.


Focus: Email Marketing for Beginners

email marketing basics

8 Part Email Marketing Series

Here's the hub of my email marketing series. Click through for basic knowledge you need to start exploring the possibility of starting a newsletter for your business. You'll find links to all 8 articles in this series on this page, so you can explore any email marketing topics that interest you.

Online Craft Business

Protect Your Business Name

Have you given any thought to protecting your business name online? Unfortunately, if you fail to protect your business name online, others can swoop in, claim it, and use it on important platforms where you may want to promote your company. Here are 9 tips to keep control of your business name online.


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