Is Selling Crafts Your Hobby or Your Business?

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Dec. 6, 2017 | Modified Sept. 23, 2019
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This week on the Craft Business Challenge: 

You sell your crafts, but is it a hobby or a business? And why do you need to make the distinction?

Handmade soap display. Text overlay - You sell crafts, but do you have a hobby, or a business?

Have you considered whether selling crafts is a hobby or business for you? You might be surprised to know that just because you bring in some money, doesn't automatically mean what you're doing is a business.

Why does it matter if you're building a business or enjoying a hobby?

On a practical level, the distinction can have tax implications. (Heads up! I'm not an accountant, so I'm not the person you want to go to for specific tax-related advice.)

From a more personal and reflective point of view, the distinction can have a huge impact on whether you feel successful and how you choose to run your venture. 

That's what we'll explore this week.

What's New This Week?

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Timely Tips

Focus: Craft Selling Hobby or Business?

Hobby or Business?: Just because you sell your crafts doesn't automatically mean you have a business. Your venture might be a hobby, and that's perfectly fine if it's in line with your goals. Here's why you need to know whether you're working on a hobby or growing a business.



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