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This week on the Craft Business Challenge: 

Choosing the right name for your craft business and protecting that name online.

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There's a lot to think about when choosing a company name for your craft business. You need to select a name that's a good fit for your current business, one that suits your product and creates the right impression with customers, plus you need to try to ensure your company name will grow with your business.

There's a good chance that, as you learn what customers want and what you want, and what you're really good at, your business will change and evolve from its original concept. So, you'll need to try to account for that possibility when naming your business.

Also, there are legal considerations to take into account when naming a business.

On top of those considerations, you'll also need to look at choosing a company name that works on the web. Even if you don't intend to sell crafts online right away or use social media to promote your business, it's wise to claim you business name's URL if it is available, and protect your company name across social media channels. We'll examine how to do all of those things this week.

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Timely Tips

FOCUS: Choosing a Company Name

How to Choose a Business Name: Way back in 2006, when I started my business, I had the hardest time coming up with a company name. I researched for hours and couldn't make a decision. It's a good thing I had a mentor who gave me a deadline to choose, or it would have taken me even longer than it did. In all that research, I learned a few things about how to name your business. I've broken it down for you into 11 tips to help you choose the right name for your company.

Choose and Protect Your Domain Name: Protecting your business name online is extremely important, even if you don't believe you'll be selling crafts online any time soon. You never know when you might decide you want to use a particular online platform for selling crafts or promoting your business. If you do decide, some time in the future, to use a certain platform, you don't want to be disappointed to discover your business name has already been claimed by someone else. Here's how to choose the right URL for your business, and protect your ownership of that name around the web.

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