Soap Display Photos & a Popular Craft Tent

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Dec. 6, 2017 | Modified June 17, 2019
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This week on the Craft Business Challenge: 

Plenty of soap display photos to spark your imagination and inspire your own booth design, check out a popular, affordable craft tent brand and we break down selling on consignment vs. wholesale.

More craft booth photos and tent buying tips this week!

Handmade soap on display with text overlay - How to display soap at a craft show.

Craft artists who do shows are hustling to keep up with the demands of the summer show season. That's why I've been keeping the reading light and focused on craft shows these past weeks.

This week there are plenty of soap displays to help you clean up your craft booth design.

If you're not a soap maker, don't skip these photos. Soapers who sell at craft shows are spectacularly good at designing displays that encourage customers to touch their products.

Why do you want shoppers touching your products?

Because that helps entice them to buy.

There's a lot to be learned from these photos about how to design a display that encourages touch and shopper interaction with your product.

Also, if you need a portable canopy for craft shows, and you're watching your business spending, this week, I've featured a tent brand that's popular with craft professionals on a budget.

Finally, if you've ever thought about selling your crafts on consignment, but you've heard that wholesale is always a better arrangement, we'll take a look at consignment vs. wholesale to help you make the right choice for your own business.


Selling on Consignment vs. Wholesale

Some experts will tell you that selling on consignment is never a good idea, and craft artists should always pursue wholesale arrangements if they want their handmade products in retail shops.

I disagree.

I believe different sales venues will be right or wrong for you depending on your own unique situation and business goals. The decision to sell on consignment vs. wholesale requires more nuanced thinking.

The newest article this week takes a look at consignment vs. wholesale to help you determine what's right for your business and your goals.


FOCUS: fabulous Soap Display PHotos & an Affordable Craft Tent Brand

Quik Shade Canopy

Quik Shade offers affordable commercial grade tents that are suitable for craft shows. This brand is popular among craft artists who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a tent.

Do be careful.

Some Quik Shade models are not suitable for craft shows, so you need to check the specifications. Here are the Quik Shade models you might want to consider for your craft booth.

Soap Display Ideas

6 photos of soap booths to give you inspiration for displaying handmade soap, bath bombs, and other body care products.

10 Handmade Soap Display Photos

10 more photos of terrific handmade soap displays at craft shows.

Even More Soap Display Pictures

I'm always amazed how few commercially made display options exist for soap makers. You often need to get creative and DIY your own solutions for displaying handmade soap. These photos feature booths with clever repurposed or DIY displays for craft shows.

Printable Signs for Your Craft Booth

Encourage your customers to splurge a bit!

I have plenty of printable craft booth signs in my Etsy shop to inspire your customers to treat themselves and support your small business.


  • Where to Sell Handmade Items

    Where to sell handmade items beyond craft shows - How to promote your craft business to tourists, sell crafts on consignment, and find new markets for your product.

  • Loads of Craft Show Booth Displays

    Loads of photos of craft show booth displays to help you design your own effective booth. 26 booth photos show you how to use portable tables in a 10x10 booth space, how to put the focus on your product, and how to display handbags at a craft fair.

  • Rain-Proof Your Outdoor Canopy Tent

    Make your outdoor canopy tent more waterproof and stay dry and secure at outdoor craft shows.


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