Rain-Proof Your Outdoor Canopy Tent

This week on the Craft Business Challenge:
Survive rainy outdoor craft shows, check out 8 children's clothing displays, avoid breaking the rules at craft shows, and learn how to be a better crafts teacher.

Outdoor Canopy Tent

If your outdoor canopy tent isn't fully waterproof, a rainy craft show will be miserable. Unfortunately, some canopies are less water-tight than others, and you probably won't discover if yours is leaky until you're in the middle of a rained out show.

If you plan ahead, though, and prepare, there are several ways you can minimize the risk of being stuck in a leaky craft tent. This week features tips to help you survive a rainy outdoor craft show.

I have 8 photos of beautiful children's clothing booth displays highlighting some clever and very affordable ways to make a booth look bright and special.

Also this week, don't be a rule breaker! Sometimes it's wise to break the rules, but not at craft shows! My printable craft booth rules checklist will help ensure your booth meets the standards common to many craft shows. While some shows have a few unique rules, there are several rules that are common to many shows. This checklist helps you to track the rules of each show you're attending and ensure your display is in line with their rules.


We continue the series on teaching your craft with tips to help you become a better crafts teacher.


Teaching Skills for Craft Artists

Develop Your Teaching Skills

If you want to teach your craft, you'll need to develop your teaching skills. Here's how to start to build those skills and become a fabulous crafts instructor.


Focus: Survive a Rainy Craft Show

Craft Show Ideas

Keep Your Craft Tent Dry

Let's be honest. Rainy outdoor craft shows are no fun for a lot of reasons. If you plan ahead and prepare your tent, you can at least stay dry through a wet show. Here's how to prep for a craft show when rain is in the forecast.

Clothing Display Ideas

6 Children's Clothing Display Photos

Here are 6 beautiful children's clothing display booths for your inspiration. Even if you don't sell children's clothing, if you'd love to create a bright, whimsical booth, check out these photos. You just might find a few ideas you could translate into your own display.

Art Booth Rules Checklist

Craft Show Rules Checklist

Here's where to get your printable list of common craft show rules to help ensure your booth is in line with your show organizers' requirements.


Encourage your customers to splurge a bit!

I have plenty of printable craft booth signs in my Etsy shop to inspire your customers to treat themselves and support your small business.


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