Where to Sell Handmade Items

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published May 25, 2018 | Modified June 16, 2019
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This week on the Craft Business Challenge: 

Find venues to sell handmade items beyond the crafts niche. Plus, discover how to promote your business to tourists in your region, and get tips for selling crafts on consignment.

Hand knit blankets with text overlay - Where to sell your crafts

Those who sell handmade items at craft shows are likely working hard and ready to dig into another busy season.

But what if doing craft shows isn't your thing?

Or what if you want to continue with craft shows, but you're ready to develop new sales opportunities for your business?

That's what this week is all about - where to sell handmade items besides craft shows.

We'll look at how to promote your crafts to tourists.

I'll share information to help you start selling your crafts on consignment.

And, we'll explore how to brainstorm places to sell your crafts with market and trade show opportunities that go beyond the obvious craft / handmade niche.

Plus, new this week, to go along with the craft consignment overview, I have a detailed look at craft consignment sales splits. That is, we'll examine how much of a product's retail sales price you can expect to keep yourself when you sell crafts on consignment, and how much the retail shop owner will expect to keep.


What is a Fair Consignment Percentage?

What is a Fair Consignment Percentage?: Discover the typical split between craft artist and retailer when you sell crafts on consignment. Learn about the differences in fees between consignment vs. wholesale vs. retailing yourself, and discover other fees and considerations to be aware of, so you can negotiate a fair craft consignment agreement for your business.


focus: Where to Sell Your Crafts

Grow Your Craft Business With Tourism: Do you live in an area that's popular with tourists? Here are my observations on growing your business through tourism after a road trip to an area well known for their fabulous artisans.

Consignment Selling: If you're thinking about selling your crafts on consignment, you should prepare yourself with some knowledge before you approach your first retail shop owner. These tips and considerations to keep in mind will help you negotiate a fair consignment agreement.

Where to Sell Your Crafts: You may consider yourself a craft artist first and foremost, but your products will also fit into other niches beyond handmade. Assessing those other niches can open up more sales venues and opportunities for your business. Here's how to brainstorm ideas for venues to sell your crafts that go beyond the typical craft show.


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