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This week on the Weekly Craft Business Challenge:
craft show Season approaches. Get inspired to create your booth with 34 craft booth photos

Craft Display Ideas

This week's focus - craft display ideas.

We are quickly approaching craft show season. Some of you who live in warmer locations might already be deep into shows. So this week, all of the articles are focused on helping you get your booth ready for shows.

There's a long article about securing your tent with canopy weights - a must-read if you do outdoor shows and use a portable canopy. It includes information about DIY tent weight options as well as information about store bought tent weights.

There's also an article about lighting your craft booth. While the photos all show jewelry booth lighting, the lighting solutions apply to any booth type, so do be sure to check it out even if you're not a jewelry designer.

There are 34 booth photos including handbag displays, hat displays, and food display ideas. Again, I've organized the photos by craft type, but you can get inspiration even if you make something else. You'll see examples of table top stands, pegboards, grid walls, and plenty of other craft display ideas you can translate to your own booth.

Craft Show Ideas

Tent Weights

Secure Your Canopy With Tent Weights

Is your craft tent set-up secure?

Are you sure? 

It's surprising how easily a portable canopy can be blown around in the slightest bit of wind.

Here are several options for securing your craft tent including DIY and store bought options.

Jewelry Booth Lighting

Jewelry Booth Lighting

9 photos of jewelry booths with clever, creative lighting solutions. Plus links to buy similar lighting for your own booth.

Handmade Hat Displays

Handmade Hat Displays

Lots of ideas for displaying your handmade hats including tabletop stands, millinery trees, gridwalls, pegboard, and DIY stands.

Food Display Ideas

Food Display Ideas

6 food display photos to help you create a fantastic booth for your next craft show.

Handbag Display Ideas

9 Gorgeous Handbag Displays

Working on a display for handbags? Here's the article you need! 9 photos of clever displays for purses and other accessories.

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