Easy Craft Ideas

Time to have a little fun! Here are some easy craft ideas to play and experiment with.

You probably specialize in and be highly skilled at one type of craft, but it's always fun and sometimes smart from a business perspective to build skills in other areas.

Learning to work with different types of media and possibly incorporating those ideas or techniques into your main medium can provide new inspiration for you and can help to make your work stand out from the crowd. Plus, it's always fun to experiment with different types of crafts!

Easy Craft Ideas

Melt and Pour Soap
Making melt and pour soap is an easy way to get started with soap making. Soap making is fun, and if you're a bit unsure about working with lye, then the melt and pour method is a good way to get started making soap without lye.

Making Resin Jewelry
Making resin jewelry is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. It does take a little practice, but once you've worked out all of the kinks, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of this simple, inexpensive jewelry making technique.

Jewelry Resin Supplies
One of the trickier things about making resin jewelry is finding the supplies. Often the best source is online art supply stores. This article provides detailed information about what supplies you will need for you resin jewelry projects and where to buy them.

Making Resin Jewelry Book Review
"The Art of Resin Jewelry" by Sherri Haab is a fantastic resin jewelry resource. Read my book review for more information about this great book.

Cheap Beading Suplies
Online sources for inexpensive and beautiful beading supplies.

Baby Room Mural
Instructions for painting an easy baby room mural.

Baby Room Curtains
Here's how I made the pretty and inexpensive baby room curtains for my son's room using bed sheets and some scrap fabric.

Baby Blanket Pattern
Here is a baby blanket pattern for the easy crib blanket I made for my son's room.

Belly Cast Bowl
Easy to make belly cast bowl

Belly Casting
Learn belly casting techniques, and create your own pregnancy belly cast with these simple instructions.

How to Make Candles
If you're just learning how to make candles, these tips on making votive candles will get you started.

Felting Wool
I love wool felting. It doesn't require a lot of fancy, expensive tools, and you can make such beautiful projects!

Chinese Brush Painting
Before you jump in, it is important to know that Chinese brush painting is not an easy art that you can learn in a few lessons. However, it is a rewarding and challenging discipline worth trying if you are interested in learning an elegant and beautiful way to paint.

Do be aware that Chinese brush painting supplies can be difficult to find, particularly if you are looking in a small town (and I've even had challenges finding supplies in a large city). Also, you nee to use brushed, paints and paper specifically designed for brush paining in ore to get the desired effect.

Happily, there are some great online companies that sell Chinese brush painting supplies.

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