9 Halloween Craft Kits for Kids

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Oct. 23, 2020
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9 Halloween craft kits for kids make it easy to have some DIY fun with your little ones and your not-so-little ones.

I love a good craft kit.

Everything you need is in one box ready to go. There's no need to track down instructions or elusive supplies. And buying all of your supplies in a kit is usually more cost effective than buying everything separately.

If you're up for some easy spooky family fun, check out my favorite Halloween craft kits for kids!

9 Halloween Craft Kits for Kids

1. Pumpkin Decorating Kit

2. Mask Craft Kit

3. Wood Jewelry Craft Kit

4. Fall Rock Painting Kit

5. Paper Craft Kit for Kids

6. Monster Party Hat Kit

7. Halloween Felt Craft Kit

8. DIY Halloween Ornaments

9. Paper Craft Kit

Kids painting a pumpkin with Halloween craft kit supplies

1. Pumpkin Decorating Kit

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a party-pooper when it comes to making jack-o-lanterns.

I love the decorating part. But scooping out pumpkin guts - Yuck!

Not my idea of a good time.

That's why I'm a big fan of this pumpkin decorating kit!

Paint and stickers let you and your kids have all of the decorating fun with none of the gooey pumpkin mess.

2. Halloween MAsk Craft Kit

The vivid colors in these rainbow magic scratch Halloween masks are beautiful.

This kit leaves plenty of room for creativity. Unlike some kits, which can be a bit limiting, these masks allow kids to create any design they like on their masks.  

With 42 masks in the box, this kit would be a great alternative to sending food for your child's Halloween class party. It comes with 13 art sticks for scratching designs on the masks. But if you need more for a larger class, you can buy extra art sticks separately.

3. Halloween Wood Jewelry Craft Kit

This Halloween wood jewelry kit has everything you need to make two adorable necklaces. It's a super-simple craft that's appropriate for kids aged three and up.

4. Fall Rock PAinting Kit for Kids

In a park near my house, there's a little rock garden where people are invited to leave a painted rock with a positive message or take a rock. It's such a simple and charming way to spread positivity.

That's what this kids' rock painting kit is all about.

Kids can paint rocks with positive messages by creating their own designs or using the transfer images included in the kit. Then they are encouraged to hide their painted rocks where they will be found to spread a little joy and positivity.

5. Paper Craft Kit for Kids

You could really use this paper bag puppet craft kit any time of the year. But the monster theme makes it particularly appropriate for Halloween fun.

The kit comes with five brightly colored paper bags and plenty of stickers for kids to create their own adorable monster puppets.

6. Monster Party Hat Making Kit

Any celebration is made more festive with a few great party hats. So why not make your own?

This adorable craft kit for kids includes everything you need to make 12 party hats.

You can assemble the hats ahead of time if you're using the kit with younger kids. Let them decorate their own party hat while you wait for all of the guests to arrive.

7. Halloween Felt Craft Kit

Teach kids beginner sewing skills with this felt monster sewing craft kit.

The kit comes with pre-cut felt to make five monsters. There are five sewing needles included, so you can use this kit with a group of kids at a party or in a small class. 

8. DIY Halloween Ornaments

Magic rainbow scratch art is sure to be on a lot of holiday shopping lists. It's an affordable craft that's fun for kids and relaxing for adults.

This Halloween ornament kit comes with 72 ornaments and 24 sticks for creating your designs - perfect for sharing with your child's class.

Keep in mind, you can buy extra art sticks separately if you need more for a larger group of kids.

9. Paper Craft Kit for Adults (& Kids)

This cut and assemble haunted house kit is absolutely spectacular!

The instructions say it's easy to make, but the pieces that need to be cut are quite intricate. I'd say most kids would require some adult assistance with this project.

If you have a crafty kid, creating this haunted house together would be a fun way to spend some quality time.

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