Making Resin Jewelry - Book Review

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If you want to experiment with making resin jewelry (or using resin in other projects, for that matter) The Art of Resin Jewelry is a great starting point.

Resin is a really wonderful, versatile product that you can use to create truly unique designs while avoiding the need to invest in a lot of complex equipment.

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The Art of Resin Jewelry provides clear information on choosing materials to use for making resin jewelry and guidelines for working with resin safely. None of the required supplies are particularly expensive, and depending on the type of media you already work with, you may find that you have a lot of the equipment already on hand in your studio.

If you've tried making resin jewelry in the past and weren't satisfied with the results, this book will help you to quickly figure out where you went wrong. When you don't use the simple, but important and effective techniques described in this book, resin projects can easily become icky, sticky, bubbly or cloudy. The Art of Resin Jewelry provides simple solutions to all of those problems, so you'll be able to get consistently good results with your resin projects.

The book is well organized, the instructions are clear and the photos are great. It starts with simple projects using items embedded in resin within a bezel and moves on to describe how to use resin in commercial molds and how to create your own molds for resin projects. You can embed a huge variety of items within resin, so the projects in the book are easily adaptable to suit your own personal style.

Within the book there are photos of resin jewelry in an array of styles, created by a variety of artists, including fantastic pieces by Lulu Smith and Robert Dancik. If you want some inspiration or need to see the rich and gorgeous designs that can be created with resin to be convinced of its versatility, you'll find that in this book.

I would not be without this book in my library. Using resin in your projects can open up an entire world of design possibilities, and The Art of Resin Jewelry will show you all of the techniques you need to get consistently great results when you are making resin jewelry.

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