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Weekly Craft Business Challenge

Craft Business Tips When You need them

Do you want to build your craft business, but you feel there's always too much to keep track of?

Craft Business Challenge

If you're anything like me, you worry about missing important dates and struggle to stay one step ahead of the seasonal nature of the business. The Weekly Craft Business Challenge will help you stay on top of all of that.

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It's important to be working on the right things at the right times:

  • completing craft show applications in January and February
  • attending studio tours in spring and fall
  • deciding in October how you'll make your booth festive for upcoming Christmas craft shows
  • adding new stock to your Etsy shop in November in time for big holiday sales

These things can sneak up on you if you don't have some gentle reminders in place.

Timely Reminders in Your InBox

Each week I'll publish a new set of craft business tips - timely reminders of things you should be thinking of or working on in that moment. 

Did you remember to find the application deadlines for craft shows and studio tours that interest you? I'll remind you in January.

How's your booth looking? I'll send you craft booth inspiration in the spring and summer when you need to create or spruce up your display.

When Can I start?

Start any time you like. I'll post updates once a week, every week. You can jump in whenever you're ready. You don't have to wait until the beginning of the year to get started.

How Do I keep Up With the Weekly Craft Business Challenge?

Each week, I'll post a new set of reminders here, on the website.

It's tough to remember to check a website every week, so I'll also send the reminders out each week as part of the newsletter I publish for this site. You can sign up to receive the free Weekly Craft Business Challenge reminders, as well as other craft business tips and news in your inbox by completing the form below.

Here Are Your Weekly Challenges

Below is a list of all of the craft business challenges. I'll add to the list each week. You can come back to review any of the challenges whenever you like.


Get Ready for Craft Show Season

This week we focus on preparing for craft shows and studio tours to make the most of each big day, and assessing your skills to ensure you have the skills you need to make your business a success. 

Spend Your Resources Wisely

Spend Your Resources Wisely

This week we'll focus on promoting your business and managing your resources intelligently. Plus we'll continue work on getting ready for craft shows.

Marketing Through Social Media

Marketing Through Social Media

Getting started with social media marketing can feel daunting, but you shouldn't miss out on the huge business benefits social media can create just because you have a little to learn.

This week we look at how to develop a social media marketing plan that's realistic, plus tools to help you create social media optimized images quickly.

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