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I buy almost all of my jewelry making components online, and I've researched a lot of suppliers to help find a balance between using good quality raw materials, keeping business expenses low, and maintaining the flexibility to place smaller, more frequent orders (which is hard to do with wholesale companies that require minimum purchases and can have high shipping fees).

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite sources for cheap beading supplies online.

Why Shop For JEwelry Supplies Online?

Typically, beading supplies are more expensive at your local bead store (LBS), so if you buy craft beads at your local bead store, it's likely your business expenses will be higher than necessary.

When your business expenses are higher than necessary, it can become very difficult to price your crafts in a way that is in line with your customers' expectations and also allows you to make a profit.

Getting a good price on your supplies is important to the success of your craft business. Here are a few places where you can get quality supplies, good prices and good sales terms:

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Where to Buy Cheap Beading Supplies Online

Beadaholique on Amazon 

One seller I have used quite often for buying beading supplies on Amazon is Beadaholique. They offer a great selection and prices that are competitive with (and sometimes better than) the major jewelry supply wholesalers I have used, without the minimum purchase requirements of buying supplies through a wholesaler. 

ArtBeads is another online retail jewelry supply store I use. The prices are competitive, and the selection is excellent.

Is fun online jewelry making supply shop. They have fabulous inspiration projects on their site. If you're stuck for ideas, this shop is a great place to start.

I'll visit my local bead store very occasionally if I'm in a pinch (like if I need something immediately and can't wait for supplies to come in the mail). However, because your LBS has overhead that an online business does not have, their prices are typically much higher than online bead stores, and things can get pricey quickly.

In addition to finding cheap beading supplies online, here are a few other sources where you might be able to buy craft beads that are inexpensive:

  • Flea markets and antique markets can provide great vintage finds.
  • Forum swaps. At many of the active craft forums you'll find opportunities to swap supplies with others.
  • Organize a group purchase with other professional crafter artists.Some wholesalers have minimum purchase requirements that are quite high, particularly for someone who is just getting started and hasn't really figured out what his or her core products will be or how much or each type of raw material needs to be kept on hand. If you are not prepared to buy enough to meet wholesalers' minimums you might network with others at craft shows or on forums to organize a group purchase from a wholesaler so your entire combined order will meet the wholesaler's requirements.
  • Attend major craft supply shows in your area so you can comparison shop. The prices will not typically be as good as you could find online, but you will be able to comparison shop, and you'll have the advantage of being able to see the items in person.

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