Easy Craft Show Booth Display Setup

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A well planned craft show booth display can help you feel calm, organized and prepared at the beginning of a show. Here's how to design your display for easy setup so you can remain cool and focused at your next show.

An easy craft booth setup sets a good tone for the rest of the day. The last thing you want to do is go into an important show frazzled because of problems with your booth. This is one area where it pays to do some advance planning to avoid unnecessary stress.

Review any loading and unloading procedures as outlined by the show organizers before you get to the show.

You will find information about unloading procedures in the package sent to you by the organizers or on the craft show website. These procedures vary from show to show, so it's important to have an idea of what to expect before you get there.

Check in with the organizers when you arrive and before you start to set up your booth display.

Organizers will provide you with an information package and any other information you may need.

Handmade fashion accessories displayed at a craft show.

Bring all correspondence from show organizers with you.

Don't forget your acceptance letter, information about your booth space and proof that you've paid your booth fee. Make sure this information is easily accessible. Don't let it get buried in all of your other stuff. I carry mine in a zippered binder that I keep up front in the car when I'm travelling to a show.

Be as efficient as possible when unloading your vehicle. 

Remove your vehicle from your booth space or the unloading dock area as quickly as possible to be courteous to other craft artists who also need space to unload their own vehicles.

Show promoters will let you know when you are able to start unloading your vehicle and setting up your booth.

If you are selling at an indoor show with limited space in the loading dock, you may be assigned a very specific time to use the loading dock. Do not be late for this time.

Arrive as early as possible.

Even if you are selling at an outdoor show where you know you will be allowed to drive up to your booth space, you'll still want to ensure that you don't arrive at the last minute.

By the time all of your neighbors in other booths arrive and park all over the street or the grass, you may struggle to manoeuvre your own vehicle to your booth area. Arriving at a reasonable time will reduce the risk that you'll have to deal with this issue.

Contact promoters if you're going to be late.

If you absolutely can't avoid being late, contact the show organizers and let them know what's going on. They might be able to arrange a later setup time for you.

Plan your craft show booth display carefully.

In addition to thinking through the aesthetics and function of your booth, think through the logistics of setting up your craft fair booth. A fussy, elaborate booth will take a long time to set up, and may cause a great deal of unnecessary stress when you need to be calm. A more simple, well designed craft booth setup can make your day much happier.

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