Craft Booth Display Ideas for Pottery and Glassware

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If you make pottery or glassware, these craft booth display ideas are for you!

Your glassware or pottery booth setup will need to be sturdy so your fragile items aren't damaged, and, particularly for glassware, you'll want to take advantage of excellent lighting to make your items really sparkle.

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Here are 6 booths that do just that.

Stained glass on display on an art easel.

The use of display easels to show several of these pieces allows the light to flow through and show the stained glass at its most beautiful.

Notice one of the largest, most colorful items is positioned right at the front of the booth to draw customers in. Retailers have been using this visual merchandising strategy - featuring their most impactful items - for years. It's time tested and can work just as well in a craft booth as it does in a retail shop.

Pottery displayed on wooden crates at a craft show.

The natural wood complements the blues in this pottery that's on display in the picture below.

I love the idea of using crates for shelves. They look quite sturdy, and they can be used for transporting stock to and from shows. Those little handle cut outs would make them extremely easy to carry even when filled with fragile pottery. Plus, the crates would double as storage containers in the studio.

Pottery displayed on wire shelves at a craft show

It's so easy to imagine these pretty pieces displayed on black wires racks sitting on a baker's rack in a quaint kitchen.

The items on the ground make me a bit nervous that they might get broken, but I visit this potter's booth year after year, and she always has them displayed this way, so they must be safely out of harm's way. 

Colorful glassware on a tabletop display.

I love the way the light streaming into this glassware booth just makes the plates sparkle.

This display is all white for good reason. It lets the beautiful colors of the glassware really shine! There's no need for extra embellishment in this booth.

Notice the plate that's pictured at the back left of the photo. It's raised on a tabletop pedestal to add height and create the pyramid shape that is commonly used in effective retail visual merchandising.

Stained glass on vintage windows displayed on art easels at a craft fair.

Here's another example of using display easels to showcase lovely stained glass windows.

Easels really provide a simple display solution that is easy to transport, doesn't compete with the work, and allows light to flow through each piece.

Colorful handmade glassware on a tabletop display. Text - Craft Booth Ideas. Handmade pottery and glassware displays.

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