Booth Photos at Holiday Bazaars

It's that time of year! Holiday bazaars are coming up, and with them come great opportunities to sell your crafts.

If you've signed up to sell at a Christmas craft fair, whether it's a large, juried show, or a small community sale at your local church or school, a few festive additions to your booth can really boost your sales.

You might go as far as developing a specific product for the holiday season, or you could simply rework the way you present your existing products to boost holiday sales.

Here are some of my favorite booths from Christmas craft fairs, and a look at how the artists made them a little more festive to suit the season.

Handmade Santa
Hearth decorated with handmade items

Consider Designing a Product Specifically for Holiday Bazaars

Christmas Earring Display

It can be very worthwhile to design a product specifically to appeal to holiday shoppers, particularly if you will be participating in a few holiday bazaars (or perhaps just one that is quite lucrative).

The most obvious option is to create Christmas tree ornaments using whatever medium you work with. Glass artists, potters, knitters, jewelry designers, woodworkers...Almost any craft medium can be used to create attractive tree ornaments.

You may also consider adding some type of holiday pattern to your existing items.

Alternatively, you might create items in different holiday colors. This option is less risky, because they will be more saleable after Christmas. Display your red, green and white bowls (or jewlery, or linens) all together for holiday bazaars, then split them up when the season has passed.

Meet Common Gift-Giving Price Points

I would love to post specific price ranges that people typically spend on gifts; however, it varies widely. The more I researched the topic, the less consensus I found.

Average gift buying thresholds will vary by location and economic situation, so your best bet is to do a little research. Ask around, and do be sure to ask people in your target market.

The one price point that was consistent through my research was just under $20. Twenty dollars is a common gift buying threshold for many people, so if you can price something profitably so it comes to about $20 with tax, you'll hit that common threshold.

When determining what might be your best selling Christmas crafts, be sure to consider the price points of your items.

People shopping at this time of year are generally shopping primarily for gifts for others, and not so much for themselves. So take some time to consider who would love to receive your product as a gift, and do your best to offer something in the price range that most people would spend on that type of person.

For example, if your items are perfect teacher gifts, find out how much people in your area generally spend on teachers at holiday time and price your items accordingly (whenever it's possible to do so profitably).

If your items would be a perfect gift from a daughter to a mom, find out how much a daughter in your area would generally spend on gifts for her mom.

A Holiday Decor Can Make Your Whole Booth More Festive

You don't necessarily have to change your existing items to make holiday sales.

If you're worried that you'll be stuck in January with a bunch of place mats with reindeer faces, or Santa Claus earrings that you won't be able to sell for another eleven months, then look at simply repositioning your current products instead of designing new products specifically for holiday bazaars.

One simple way to reposition your existing products in the minds of your customers is to present your products in a holiday / Christmas setting.

The beautiful green bowls that you sell year-round will look like they've been specially designed for the season if you pair them with some combination of red, white and/or gold colors in your booth.

Likewise, your red stained glass design will look like it was meant for Christmas if it's displayed beside a pretty mini Christmas tree.

Think about how people might use your existing year-round products to brighten up the holiday theme, and demonstrate that in your booth design.

Christmas Craft DisplayThe mini Christmas tree at the end of this shelf gives this holiday bazaar display a festive feeling.
Holiday Craft SaleA few red ornaments in clear containers plus a glitzy gold table covering gives this booth the holiday spirit.
Ornaments on DisplayHere's a close up of the same red ornaments on the other side of the booth. They are extremely simple, elegant, inexpensive and effective!
Handmade metal mooseI saw this same moose at a summer show, and Christmas didn't even cross my mind, but positioned with holiday greenery, the moose looks like he was made for Christmas.

Get free printable Christmas tags and bunting to decorate your booth at holiday bazaars

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Great Evergreen Tree!

Whether you're displaying and selling actual Christmas ornaments, or you just want to liven up your holiday booth a bit, some type of tree or tree-shaped stand is a great option.

There are plenty of ways to add some type of tree to your display at holiday bazaars.

Here are a few ideas:

You won't likely have room for a full-sized tree (like the one pictured below) in your display area. However, a smaller artificial tree can have a similar effect.

This tree is always a big focal point at my favorite Christmas craft fair. It holds handmade ornaments made be many of the artisans who participate in the show.

Notice the baskets full of handmade gifts below the tree. They do add to the overall feel of the display. However, because they are on the floor and near something more attention grabbing (the tree and its ornaments) they are not readily noticeable to shoppers.

If you try something similar in your booth, with your items as gifts beneath a tree, be sure to display a few of those items in a more central location too.

Christmas Tree with Handmade Ornaments
Close Up of Christmas Tree with Handmade Ornaments
Handmade Glass OrnamentsThis glass artist has made simple handmade ornaments and displayed them on a pretty tree-shaped metal stand. These little ornaments say "Christmas" and provide a lower priced option for shoppers.
Christmas Gift SaleThe mini tree in the corner here makes all of the items around it look more festive.
Holiday Show Display
Handmade Ornaments on an Evergreen Tree

Instead of Changing Your Products for the Holidays, Change Your Packaging

Here's another way to get into the season without changing your product - Change your packaging!

It's not easy to see in the photo on the left, but the handmade soaps in the sleigh are all wrapped in cellophane bags with a holly leaf pattern, and the bags are tied with pretty red and green ribbon.

If some of the soaps don't sell, the soap maker won't be stuck with a bunch of out of season products. She or he can simply remove the holiday packaging, and the soaps will be ready for post-holiday sales.

Just change the packaging - What could be easier to make your existing products Christmassy?

Now that you have a few ideas and examples to spruce up your booth for holiday bazaars, it's time to get ready to make plenty of sales!

And, if you're looking for more advice about selling at craft shows in general, I'd suggest the book Crafts and Craft Shows: How to Make Money.

Lots of Christmas craft booth photos.Lots of Christmas Craft Booth Photos!

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