9 Handbag Display Photos

If you're working on a handbag display for upcoming craft shows, you're in luck! I have 9 photos of beautiful handmade purses in portable displays.

There's inspiration and ideas for using shelves, grid walls, simple poles, crates, and furniture to create a gorgeous booth for your next craft fair.

HAndbag Display Inspiration

Handbag Display

I love this booth for so many reasons!

The burlap table covering, and the wood crates create a natural, rugged feel that's a perfect fit with the style of these bags.

The booth is well organized and arranged, but it's no too fussy. It's easy for a customer to pick up and examine any bag that catches her eye.

Craft Show Booth

Check out the construction of this booth. It's fascinating and unlike anything I've seen before. 

Notice the triangular base made of what looks like sonotubes (the round yellow and purple pillars). There are holes drilled into the sonotubes are various heights with poles inserted. The poles are used for displaying handbags, or to support a shelves.

Also, notice the brace across the front top. It looks like it creates important added stability to the booth.

The portable flooring finishes off the look. It's made of modular carpet tiles, which would be quite easy to store and transport. Tiles also have the advantage of being able to be laid out in a variety of shapes to fit different booth spaces.

Handmade Purses at a Craft Fair

Here's another booth that uses simple poles to hang small purses and clutches. The poles are suspended from the top of the booth. A white curtain provides an important neutral backdrop that lets the product be the focus.

Notice the bags are hung from a hook, which makes it easy for customers to pick up and look more closely at each item. This system leaves a lot of space for customers to move around within the booth.

The shelf on the right provides some variety and visual interest.

Craft Fair Booth
Handbags on Display

Above, we have two slightly different views of the same booth. Although, both pictures are similar, they each show a few features I'd like to point out.

Notice, in the photo on the left, the difference between the lighting in the hall, which you can see in the top left of the picture, vs. the lighting in the booth. The hall looks quite dark, while the booth is bright and inviting. This photo illustrates exactly why you need great lighting in your booth.

The lights in a large hall are bright enough for people to see, but they are not bright enough to show your product at its best. The lighting all throughout this booth is a crucial part of the display.

We also see in this handbag display another combination of poles and shelves used to show off products. The mannequin on the left creates some added interest, while the bags displayed up high help to draw attention from a distance in a large convention hall.

Tote Bag Display Booth
Handmade Recycled Tote Bag

Here we have booths with the most eye-catching designs turned out and easy to see. The adorable cat bag on the right provides instant information about this crafter's style. If your style is a little cool and funky, you're going to walk straight into this booth.

The tote bags in the left photo are immediately eye catching. There's no need to get fancy with your handbag display when you have big, bright, can't miss products like these.

Craft Show Display

This lovely display creates a whole mood with a chic homey feel. The vibrant red handbag is a focal point displayed simply on a wire mannequin. It contrasts with the rest of the booth, drawing you in to explore more closely. 

This was the last day of a long, busy show. Happily, lots of vendors were getting low on stock. I imagine the coat rack on the right was full of pretty bags at the beginning of the show.

Here's another example of a booth with great flooring that ties the space together. Flooring is often overlooked, but it can be an important finishing touch to your booth.

Below, you'll see one last booth. This time, totes and handbags are displayed on a combination of shelves and gridwalls. Gridwalls provide another smart, flexible option for showing off your bags.

Handmade Purse Display

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