Trade Show Booth Displays That Make Customers Buy

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Discover how to create craft or trade show booth displays that motivate your customers to buy.

When you're designing your display you need to convey a clear image to your potential customers. You'll do well if you:

  • Determine the one most important message that will compel your customer to walk into your booth. 
  • Communicate that one, single message in a way that is striking and clear. 
  • Determine whether your booth conveys that message or confuses your customers. 
  • Remember that focus is key. If you try please everyone, you will please no one.

Here are some examples:


If you make handmade aromatherapy soaps and bath products, and your customers buy them because they provide stress relief, then creating a booth that conveys a soothing, spa-like atmosphere will connect with your customers.

An art or trade show booth display filled with whites and muted colors and soft lighting will help convey the concept of stress relief at a glance.

If you tried to sell relaxation products from a display booth painted in jarring primary colors, you'd confuse shoppers, and you wouldn't draw the right people to your booth.

CUSTOMERS' MOTIVATION TO BUY - Emotional Satisfaction

Similarly, if you make handmade organic soaps and bath products, and your customers buy for the emotional satisfaction of being earth friendly, a booth that conveys an all-natural feeling will connect with your customers.

A display booth in earth tones and made of natural materials will help to convey that concept at a glance.

A booth with displays made from plastic, however, is not going to convey an earth friendly, all-natural image, and, again will confuse shoppers and won't draw in the right customers.


Once you determine why your customers buy your products and what type of image reflects your customers' motivating factors, creating your display booth becomes easier. You'll simply focus on that image and motivating factor, and with each decision you make about your booth design, ask yourself whether that choice fits with the image and message you want to reflect.

You wouldn't paint your booth bubble gum pink if your customers expected a masculine or sophisticated image, and you wouldn't use glass or metal shelves if your customers expected a warm, earthy image.

Choose a single image to portray in your craft and trade show booth display, and ensure that image communicates something compelling to your ideal customer.

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