Learn Email Marketing

This week on the Weekly Craft Business Challenge:
The first of a comprehensive series on promoting your craft business with email marketing.

Learn Email Marketing

Last week I started to write what I thought was an article or two about email marketing for craft professionals. Somehow, that article turned into a nine article series!

I've been doing email marketing for ten years, but, honestly, I had no idea I had nine articles worth of things to write on the topic.

I've posted three of them this week. I didn't want to overwhelm anyone with a 12,000 word essay on email marketing, plus the rest still need to be polished up a bit. I'll post them over the next few weeks.

It's well worth your time to learn email marketing basics and incorporate a newsletter into your business marketing. Email marketing is an effective and affordable way to build relationships with your customers and market your business.

Learn Email Marketing

Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing Basics

There's a lot of jargon thrown around in email marketing. Start your email marketing education with a solid understanding of common terms and concepts used in email marketing.

Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Discover how your business can benefit when you implement an effective email marketing strategy.

Email Business Marketing

Sell More Crafts With Email Marketing

How a business newsletter can help you sell more crafts online and at shows. Plus, why you'll benefit from developing a newsletter even if you already engage with customers on social media.


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