Sell Art Online Tips and Resources

To sell art online, you'll need a few resources that will help you build and promote your site.

There's actually a huge amount of information out there to help you sell online. The challenge is not so much in finding tips on the subject, but rather in weeding out the useful information from the hype. If you're not careful, you can waste hours of time reading through the piles of information available on internet marketing.

If you're planning on selling crafts online, and you're new to building a web based business, you will need to learn a thing or two (or more) about building and marketing your website. Luckily there are good resources out there that help you to focus on exactly what you need to know.

Because there is so much information I could cover on selling crafts online, and because I won't pretend to be an expert on all of these topics (the package of web development tools I use does a lot of the tech work for me), in addition to my own tips, you'll also find in this section, plenty of links to outside resources for building an online business.

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Tips for Selling Crafts Online

How I Became an Internet Entrepreneur
Here's the story of how I built this site, and added a whole new facet to my craft business.

Sell Crafts Online - Four Ways to Build an Art or Craft Business Online
There are plenty of ways to sell art online or build a craft based website. You may want to sell art online, promote your local art based business or perhaps you'd prefer to sell patterns and supplies or provide great information on a subject you know well. Your online craft business can actually take many different forms.

Selling Art Online - The Importance of Great Craft Photography
When you sell crafts online, your photographs of your work will be an extremely important factor in effectively promoting your work online. In fact, based on the many websites I've visited for independent artists and craft professionals, I'd say that accepting poor quality craft photography is one of the most common mistakes people make when selling crafts online.

Choose a Domain Name to Sell Your Crafts Online
Choosing a good domain name takes a little bit of research and brainstorming, but registering your domain name is quite simple. Get tips to choose and register your domain name for your online craft business.

Choose A Web Hosting Service
There are plenty of web site hosting services to choose from. These tips will help you choose a web hosting service that meets the needs of your home craft business.

Design Your Web Site
Whether you decide to design your site yourself or hire a designer, there are plenty of simple tools and resources out there that can help you build a great site. This article will help you to find helpful resources for designing your craft website.

Craft Business Resources
A list of several resources for building your online craft business (many of them are free) that I have used myself and found helpful and cost effective.

Promote Your Website with Backlinks
If you sell art online, you'll benefit from learning how to promote your website with backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites that point back to your site. Sometimes they're also called inbound links. Developing a strategy to promote your website with backlinks is an important part of any plan to increase your online craft sales.

Internet Merchant Account Services
There are plenty of ways to accept credit cards online. A little bit of research will help you to determine which plan is the best fit for your own business.

Free and Inexpensive Ways to Bring Customers to Your Site
Web site traffic promotion is, unfortunately, highly overlooked by many professional craft artists. Building a beautiful site isn't enough if you want to build a profitable online business. To get customers to your site, you'll need to establish some effective web site traffic promotion strategies. Fortunately, there are simple, cost effective ways to do that.

Online Craft Sales - Selling Crafts on Your Own Site vs. Third Party Sites
If you're considering online craft sales as a part of your craft business, you'll need to determine whether you'll sell art online on your own site or on a third party site. Here are some pros and cons for each way to sell art online.

Review of Zibbet, an online global marketplace for handmade goods.

How Shipping Fees Affect Your Online Sales
In terms of online sales, shipping fees may seem like a small, unimportant detail. Many home craft business owners determine those fees without much thought or strategic planning. Shipping fees can frequently make or break the sale for potential online customers. They have such an impact on customers, they should not be overlooked.

Craft Blogs
Guest author Angela Fehr describes how to use craft blogs to promote and sell art online.

Sell Handmade Crafts Online
Guest author Kimberly Hart provides insight into what it takes to sell handmade crafts online.

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