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Dog Halloween Costume Patterns

Of course you need a Halloween costume for your pooch! Here are some spooky dog Halloween costume patterns to get your pup ready for trick-or-treating.

This witch costume is sure to be a hit on Halloween. The costume is made with a sewing pattern by Mimi & Tara on Etsy and comes in six sizes.

Witch's halloween costume pattern for your dog by Mimi & Tara
Mimi & Tara

Your dog says he wants to dress up as a dinosaur this year? Here's a cute dino dog hoodie sewing pattern from Aprikot Clothing. Dog Halloween costume patterns in this shop are for either XS-M or M-XL dogs, so check the sizing before you buy to get the right fit for your pup.

Dinosaur hoodie pattern for your dog by Aprikot Clothing
Aprikot Clothing

Here's a penguin hoodie pattern for your dog also from Aprikot Clothing - simply adorable.

Penguin hoodie pattern for your dog by Aprikot Clothing
Aprikot Clothing

Just in case your dog is invited to a formal event, here's a sewing pattern to make a tuxedo jacket for your pup. If you'd like to make the matching vest to go with your tuxedo jacket, you can download the vest pattern for free on the Mimi & Tara website.

Tuxedo jacket pattern for your dog
Mimi & Tara

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Dog Halloween Costume Patterns

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