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Craft Tents - Is it Time for You to Buy One?

Craft tents are often one of the bigger investments you might have to make for your business, and You may be wondering whether you really need to buy one.

Craft tent range in price anywhere from about $100 to $1000 and up. Understandably, if you're just getting started, you are probably trying to keep expenses low, and you may wonder if a portable canopy is worth the investment. 

Here's how to decide when it's time to invest in a tent and what to do if you know it's time to buy one.

First Things First

If you're reading this page, I'm assuming you plan to sell at art shows. If your business plan does not involve selling at shows, you won't need a tent!

When you start applying to outdoor art shows, inevitably, you'll ask yourself whether it's worth investing in a good quality outdoor canopy. It is wise to be careful about business expenses, but when it comes to buying tents, this, in my opinion, is not the place to drastically cut corners.

You may be considering waiting until you are making more money, or until you are accepted into some of the better shows, which are perfectly reasonable thoughts. I went through the same thought process before I bought my own canopy.

However, this line of thinking can be a mistake and may limit the growth of your company if selling at juried art shows is a sizeable part of your business strategy.

Craft Tent at a Farmer's MarketCraft Tent at a Farmer's Market

Many of the better (i.e. most profitable) outdoor craft shows require you to have a canopy and some specify that it must be white. When you apply to those shows, they typically ask you to send a photo of your booth setup. If you send in a photo of your booth that is not set up under a professional looking white tent, it can raise questions about whether you are actually prepared to do that show and meet their standards and expectations.

It may sound harsh. You may wonder why show organizers would care if you've sent in a booth photo without a tent when your products are outstanding, but maintaining standards is an important part of the role of good show organizers, and that includes maintaining the look of the booths at the show.

If you're serious about getting accepted to great juried art shows that are hard to get into, particularly if you're applying in a competitive category like jewelry or painting, then you must ensure that there are absolutely no weaknesses in your application.

Jurors can view perceived problems with your booth setup as a weakness that is big enough to take you out of consideration, particularly for the most competitive shows.

Where to Buy Popular Craft Tents

Benefits of Owning a Good Tent

Besides being necessary for many of the better outdoor shows, here's what a good tent will do for you:

  • Protect You, Your Products, and Your Customers From the Weather

If your booth is set up on concrete in blazing heat, or thunder clouds start rolling by, you'll be happy that you and your products are secure under your canopy.

  • Provide Some Protection From Theft

I prefer to pack up my items at the end of the day, so I've designed my display so I can pack it up easily. However, some professional craft artists leave their work overnight in their tents. Craft tents with side walls give you this option and provide a bit of protection from theft.I will leave larger parts of my display, like my tables, overnight at multi-day shows, and the canopy and side walls provide good protection from the elements. I couldn't do this if I didn't have a tent, and believe me, my tables are heavy. I don't want to be moving them any more than necessary!

  • Create a More Professional Look for Customers

Craft booths (particularly at outdoor shows) typically look more professional when their items are displayed under an outdoor canopy. Although you can set up a great display without one, there's something about a craft tent that gives your booth a more cohesive and professional look.

  • Create a More Professional Look for Jurists

With your white canopy tent in the picture, the booth photos you submit to juried shows (again, particularly for outdoor shows) will show that you are prepared to meet show standards with your craft booth.

So, if you are committed to selling your items at outdoor shows, and particularly the more competitive shows, then a craft tent is worth the investment. If you plan to do several shows, the benefits you'll get from your canopy will make the purchase well worthwhile.

Where to Go From Here

If you know you need to buy a craft tent, but you're not sure what features to look for, my craft tent buying guide page will help. It outlines all of the major features to consider and includes a comparison chart you can download to compare different brands.

If you are ready to start looking at tents, check out the most popular brands used by craft artists.

If you want to start pricing tents, Amazon has an excellent selection of the more popular brands including: 

If you want to start pricing tents, Amazon has an excellent selection of the more popular brands including:
Quik Shade
King Canopy

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Craft Tents - Is it time for you to buy one?

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