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Look Inside My Craft Booth

A Peek Inside My Own Display

Peek inside the inner-workings of my craft booth to see how it was created, and learn how to create your own effective displays.

Have you ever wandered around a show and yearned to take a peek at the hidden, inner components that make up the booths?

Once you start selling at a few shows and get a chance to see other craft artists set up and tear down their booths, the mysteries behind the booth setup are no longer quite so mysterious.

However, if you are just getting started, and you are creating displays for your first shows, it can be extremely helpful to see what is behind all of the fancy displays.

Welcome to My Craft Booth

On the following pages, I am going to take you on a tour of the creation of my craft show booth.

My booth represents one style of booth (display tables with risers for displaying jewelry), but I hope you will be able to take the lessons and the thought processes that went into creating each aspect of my display booth and apply them to creating your own portable display booth.

My Folding Craft Tables
I made my own custom folding craft tables because the ready made folding portable tables I could find did not meet my specific needs. This article describes how I worked out the specifications for my tables, how I built my craft tables, and how I raised the legs of the tables to get the height I wanted.

My Display Risers

I required a lot of functionality from my display risers, so I decided to have them custom made to fit my exact needs. This article describes exactly how to plan your own risers so they are multi-functional and fit your space perfectly.

Jewelry Display Stand

This easy to make jewelry display stand is the first type of display I used when I started selling my jewelry. It can be made with a picture frame, some fabric, batting, ribbon and elastic. It is easy to make, inexpensive, versatile and highly functional.

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Look Inside My Craft Booth

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