Photos of Art Show Displays

I've been busy collecting plenty of photos of art show displays so you can see first hand how different display options work and affect the way customers view your art.

Happily, an art booth can be one of the more straightforward types of craft booths to create.

Your work is probably large enough to speak for itself and draw attention from a distance, and, if you want to keep things fairly simple, you can hang your work from grid walls, mesh panels or chains or straps attached to the frame of your tent.

However, there are still plenty of decisions to make about your booth, and they all add up to impact your sales at shows.

Consider the Effect of Background Color

Most artists display their work on a background of either white or black. Both are neutral and display your work well, but they create very different effects.

White tends to create a more airy, light-hearted feel, while black creates a more luxurious, sophisticated image.

Here are several art show booth photos showing the use of different background colors so you can see the effect created by various colors.

Art Display - Black Background
Art display, black background
Art Booth - Black Background
Art display on a black background
       White Background Art Show Display
Colorful art displayed on a white background
Blue background art display
Art display on blue
Burlap background art booth
Art display on burlap
Wood background booth
Art display with wood background

Use the Outside of Your Booth

We are often so busy designing the inside of our booth, we forget that the outside of the booth can sometimes be used to good effect.

I adore this craft show display!
Great craft show display

If you have a great corner space where one or more of your outside walls is open to customer traffic, think about ways to use the outside of the booth to grab customers' attention.

Notice how effectively this is done in the booth in the photo on the left.

The row of three striking paintings hung on mesh display panels draw customers in from a distance and makes the booth extremely appealing from an additional angle of approach.

Without the paintings on the outside of the booth, customers approaching from this direction would have no idea what was in the booth until they were closer, and, by that time, they might be drawn into a different booth.

Placing these painting on the outside wall allows customers to see the work before they've entered the crowded and visually busy center of the show. This artist has effectively grabbed customers' attention before they even come close to any other booths.

Ways to Display Your Art

There are several options for hanging your art in your booth. Factors to consider are:

  • The size of your art
  • Need for wind resistance (some methods stand up to wind better than others)
  • Your budget
  • The size of the vehicle you use to transport your craft show gear
  • The effect you want to create

Here are several options for your art show displays.

Display Your Paintings on an Easel

You might use an art display easel to show off and draw special attention to one of your most striking paintings.

Notice in the two art show booth photos below, the easels have been customized to match with the paintings they hold. The easel on the left is made of the same wood that is depicted in the paintings, and the easel on the right has been painted a vivid blue that contrasts nicely with the colors in the painting.

Painting on Easel
Painting displayed on an easel
Art Display Easel
Art display easel

Where to Buy Art Display Easels

Art Advantage Bamboo Floor Display Easel

Xylem Georgian Wooden Display Easel

Ghent Triumph Display Easel

Display Your Art on a Clothesline

Art Prints on a Clothesline
Art prints displayed on a clothesline

Unframed art can be hung on a simple clothesline to create an informal "crafty" feel to your display.

This option is most appropriate for smaller pieces and less formal displays.

Using a clothesline to display your work is less appropriate if you want to create a luxurious, high-end feeling.

You should also be careful to use clips that won't damage your work, and keep a display like this well sheltered from wind.

Grid Walls

Grid walls are another excellent option for your art show displays. They are sturdy and portable, and if you have a few smaller grid wall panels, you'll be able to set them up in a number of different ways, so you'll have the flexibility to work with the booth space you've been given.

Gridwalls can sometimes have an industrial look (which may or may not work for you depending on the look you're going for). You can cover them with fabric to achieve a softer look if you like.

Mesh grid wall panels are also available. You might use mesh gridwalls if you don't like the industrial look of standard gridwall panels.

Notice the fabric covering the grid walls
Paintings on fabric covered grid walls
Art on mesh gridwalls
Art on mesh gridwalls
Art display panels
Art display panels

Mesh Sidewalls

You can purchase mesh sidewalls that can be easily attached to the sides of your tent and used for hanging your paintings.

They can be pricey, in the range of $600-$700.

However, they are study, attractive, professional-looking, extremely light-weight, and they pack well for transporting and storing.

If you are planning on doing several shows, they can be an easy and effective solution for creating art show displays.

Mesh Panels
Mesh sidewalls
Mesh Side Walls Mesh walls

Where to Buy Mesh Panels

Flourish Mesh Display Panel Set

Flourish Zig Zag MeshPanels

Hang Your Paintings from Chain or Sturdy White Straps

Hanging your paintings from heavy chains or sturdy straps attached to your craft tent is an extremely inexpensive and easy way to display your work.

You'll need to have the side walls up on your tent to provide a backdrop to your paintings and to stabilize them a bit in case of wind.

Do be aware that one drawback of using this method for you art show displays is that your paintings can start to sway if the wind picks up.

Use a Table in Your Art Display

If you sell smaller items, like small prints or cards, you'll probably want a table in your booth.

Be sure to keep the style of the table and any covering you use consistent with the look of your work and the rest of the booth.

Be very careful about the dimensions of your table.

Many standard tables are wider than what you need in a craft booth, and the extra width can waste precious space. Also, standard table height is a few inches too low for customers. Look at the legs of a table before you buy it to ensure you can work out a way to raise the height a bit.

Related: How to choose or design a portable craft table

Tables in Art Booths
Pedestal to display prints

Art display table
Casual display Craft booth with table

Where to Buy Folding Display Tables

4 Foot Adjustable Height Folding Table

Correll Standing Height Folding Table

E-Z UP 2 by 4 Instant Table

A Few More Art Show Booth Photos

Black curtain painting backdrop
Paintings displayed on a black backdrop
Art displayed on easels
Paintings displayed on easels
Gridwalls and display panels
Paintings on gridwalls and display panels
Casual art display
Casual art display
Gridwalls and a white background
Selling paintings

Where to Buy Supplies for Your Booth

I hope all of these art show displays have given you plenty of inspiration for designing your own booth.

Amazon is an excellent source for many of the art show displays mentioned on this page. They have plenty of display items available.

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