2021 Christmas Trends

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Oct. 14, 2021
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Etsy's 2021 Christmas trends report predicts the crafts that will sell well this holiday season. Handmade items that fit these 6 trending themes will be on everyone's wish list this year.

2021 Christmas Trends

According to Etsy, some of the best selling crafts this year will reflect these concepts and styles that speak to shoppers' priorities:

  1. Memory-making & meaningful experiences
  2. Comfort & cosiness
  3. Top dressing
  4. Return to entertaining at home
  5. Bright & colorful decor
  6. Cottagecore style

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Wrapped Christmas gifts and evergreen branches

1. Memory-Making & Meaningful Experiences

Shoppers this year are looking to connect with friends and family with comforting and relaxing activities including baking, playing tabletop games, and working on easy craft projects.

You can see this enthusiasm for simple connection in the search trends Etsy shares in their 2021 Christmas trends report including:

  • easy DIY kits — 1056% year over year search increase
  • checkers or chess boards — 131% year over year search increase
  • holiday-themed baking items — 28% year over year search increase
  • playing cards — 21% year over year search increase

Source: Marketplace Insights: 2021 Holiday Trends

Example: Memory MAking & Meaningful Experiences

This gorgeous handmade wood and resin cribbage board by Mt. Hood Craft would make a terrific Christmas gift fitting the trend toward memory-making and experience-based gifts. It is beautiful, and it would bring hours of fun for anyone who loves tabletop games.

2. Comfort & Cosiness

Many of us have spent a whole lot of time at home lately. We've traded in formal work clothes and discovered the joy of casual, comfy work at home clothing.

The desire to keep some comfort and cosiness in our lives — even as we return to our more standard routines — can be seen in Christmas shopping trends.

Here's what Etsy's search data reveals about our desire for comfort and cosiness:

  • comfortable dresses — 59% year over year search increase
  • knit hoods — 55% year over year search increase
  • outdoor blankets — 68% year over year search increase

Example: Comfort & Cosiness

Handmade blankets by Backwood Threads Co. definitely fit the trend toward comfort and cosiness. Product photos featuring models outdoors, snugly wrapped in the handmade blankets is smart way to connect the product and brand with the trend.

3. Top Dressing

If you've spent more time than you'd like in Zoom meetings this past year, you fully understand top dressing. Top dressing is all about looking your best from the waist up for your virtual meetups, and wearing whatever is comfy and reasonably clean from the waist down.

Many of us are still working and socializing virtually, and that reality is reflected in 2021 Christmas trends. Holiday shoppers want items that make them look fabulous — from the waist up. 

Here's what Etsy's data tells us about top dressing-related searches:

  • pearl earrings — 44% year over year search increase
  • chunky gold jewelry — 91% year over year search increase
  • blouses — 45% year over year search increase
  • brooches — 29% year over year search increase
  • vintage or antique brooches — 168% year over year search increase

Example: Top Dressing

This handmade Christmas pudding fairy brooch by She Loves Blooms is the perfect accessory for all of your virtual holiday gatherings.

4. Return to Entertaining at Home

Last year, many people limited holiday celebrations to their own household. This year, more people will be inviting friends and family over to celebrate the holidays, and 2021 Christmas trends point toward that change.

These Etsy search trends reflect the increase in holiday home entertaining in 2021:

  • place settings — 72% year over year search increase
  • tablescape decor — 27% year over year search increase
  • napkin rings — 19% year over year search increase
  • housewarming gifts — 52% year over year search increase
  • serving trays — 45% year over year search increase
  • party dresses — 153% year over year search increase
  • invitations — 117% year over year search increase

Example: Return to Entertaining at Home

Momenti di Vita's handmade serving trays are beautiful for entertaining at home. The personalized design also makes these popular items fit perfectly with the 2021 Christmas trend that has shoppers looking for more meaningful gifts.

5. Bright & Colorful Decor

Christmas 2021 decor need not be limited to a traditional red and green palette. Shoppers who buy handmade are drawn to bolder and more eclectic holiday color schemes this year.

Etsy searches for colorful, pastel, jewel tone, and even neon holiday items are on the rise. 

Here are a few growing holiday color trends happening on Etsy:

  • custom or personalized neon signs — 228% year over year search increase
  • colorful, pastel, or neon holiday items — 47% year over year search increase
  • jewel tone items — 41% year over year search increase

Example: Bright & Colorful Decor

Gorgeous handmade teal and gold handmade ornaments by Holiday Every Day Art are bright and colorful — perfect decor for Christmas 2021.

6. Cottagecore Style

Cottagecore esthetic has grown in popularity over the past few years. You'll find it featured in all kinds of decor and fashion trend forecasting sources.

This nostalgic style embraces idealized rural simplicity, nature, and low-tech living. 

Elements of cottagecore style include handmade items, natural color palettes, and motifs found in nature like mushrooms, strawberries, and florals. 

The style's mood aligns with the trend toward comfort and cosiness as well as the desire to connect with friends and family over simple activities like baking or easy handmade projects.

Here are some trending Etsy searches that reflect cottagecore style:

  • mushroom decor — 366% year over year search increase
  • dried floral wreaths — 68% year over year search increase
  • woodland creature ornaments — 33% year over year search increase
  • rustic or wooden holiday items — 30% year over year search increase

Example: Cottagecore Style

This hand painted nature-themed wood slice Christmas ornament by Nussay Watercolor fits beautifully with cottagecore style.

Embrace 2021 Christmas Trends in Your Etsy Shop or at Craft Shows

Wrapped Christmas gifts. Text - 2021 Christmas trends for craft business owners.

Want to incorporate some holiday trends in your online shop or at holiday craft fairs?

You have a few options:

Use trends in your marketing.

Reflecting trends in the way you style products in your craft photography is an effective and low commitment way to embrace popular styles.

Draw on trends for your Christmas craft fair display.

Add a trendy element to your booth decor. It's another simple way to connect to customer's immediate priorities.

Incorporate trends in your products.

Trendy craft ideas can sell well as shows and online, but do use some caution. This approach involves a little more commitment because it impacts the type of inventory you'll have on hand. Changing a table covering in your booth is much easier than changing all of your inventory! 

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