Craft Booths That Break the Rules

This week on the Weekly Craft Business Challenge:
how to create a booth that breaks the rules. learn from an innovative jewelry booth display that smashes the rules of craft booth design. Plus, create shade when you have an irregular-sized booth space. 

Jewelry Booth Display that Breaks the Rules

This week, I have photos of a spectacular jewelry booth display that breaks the rules of craft booth design with excellent results.

The rules of good booth design are extremely useful. They help us to create displays that work without making too many costly mistakes. But you might find yourself in a place in which you feel following the rules just doesn't show your work at its best.

Maybe you want to innovate to stand out from the crowd or to show you work at its best. This week we'll look at a jewelry booth that does just that. We'll analyse how it breaks the rules and why it works, so you can apply the same process to your own booth and discover how you might break a few rules yourself.

Alternatively, maybe you are forced to break the standard rules of craft booth design. Perhaps you sell at an outdoor show that doesn't provide the standard 10 x 10 booth space. You're forced to fit your display into an irregular space. Your standard craft tent simply won't work, and you need an alternative shade solution.

Craft Booths for Rule Breakers

Clothing Display Ideas

Innovative Booth Design

This jewelry booth display breaks the rules with style. Discover how to make an innovative booth work, and learn how to think through booth design rules to determine if you should break one or two yourself.

White Umbrella

How to Shade an Irregular Craft Booth

Are you selling at an outdoor show that doesn't provide a 10x10 space? Here are some shade alternatives for irregularly shaped outdoor booths. 


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