Gridwall Display Craft Booth Pictures

Thinking about using gridwall display panels for your craft booth?

Here are 14 photos of booths that use grid walls for displaying everything from hats, to clothing, to wooden trays to give you some inspiration for designing your own booth.

The lovely booth below uses black gridwalls all around the perimeter of the booth space to display hats and scarves. Brackets with hooks for holding the hats can be clipped anywhere, which provides a lot of flexibility.

Display of handmade hats and scarves

Grid walls are an excellent option for displaying clothing. You'll notice plenty of them if you start to look closely at handmade clothing booths. In this example, the panel is placed at the front of the booth to show off some of the artist's more eye-catching items.

Notice how the silver color of the panels doesn't compete with the clothing. Grid walls typically come in white, black or silver colors. Be sure to think about which option would blend best with your items as well as the rest of your booth.

Handmade clothing displayed on grid wall panels

Aprons and accessories displayed on black panels. Notice how the black background makes the black panels simply fade into the background.

Clothing displayed on gridwalls

Here's a triangle-shaped rack placed at the front of a booth. It highlights the designer's clothing as well as the sign without taking up too much floor space. Notice also that this rack is well lit with a lamp clamped on to the top of the sign.

Children's clothing displayed on gridwalls

Some lovely handmade wooden trays hanging from grid walls at an outdoor show. White panels are a good option if you are going to use them in conjunction with a craft tent because the white panels will disappear against the white of your tent's side walls.

A REader Shares Her Gridwall Display

One of my readers, Beverlee from BePops Workshop, emailed me after reading this page to say she uses gridwalls in a way that is completely different from any of the photos I had posted. She sent me a photo and description of her booth, which makes great use of shelves on gridwalls, and she was kind enough to allow me to share it here to help others with their booth designs.

Gridwall display shelvesHere's Beverlee's Booth Using Gridwalls

Here's Beverlee's description of her booth:

The display "is in a 10x10 tent, outside. We have had to alter the grids to 8' in order to zip and secure the tent overnight. It is heavy, but it is convenient. As you can see, we cover the bottom part, in order to store our buckets that we pack our things in, much better than having to lug them back out of the trailer each time. All grid walls."

I asked Beverlee to clarify whether the part at the back that is covered with a black cloth was a table, or she had rigged up a large shelf to function like a table top. Here's what she said:

"The part that has the cover on it is also a gridwall, I covered it, so that the 'buckets' we use for transporting our things don't show...I used black tablecovers that go across the top and in front, we installed grommets in them, to use zip ties to attach them to the back, and I used foam core board on the top to keep small things from falling through, and I use non slip shelf liner to keep the glasses from slipping. Everything is zip tied, and I also have a large curtain for the back if we are against someone without a divider.

We started out with everything imaginable, then built some folding shelves, and now these. These are the most efficient, and can be spaced however you like. We make the wide shelf tall enough to accommodate 2 storage buckets."

Thank you so much to Beverlee for sharing her booth photo and her description of how it all goes together. I really do have the kindest readers!

Here's an interesting way to dress up your gridwalls. Wide ribbon woven into the panels provides and nice light-weight alternative to hanging curtains and allows you to clip items to both sides of the panels as this crafter has done.

Wreaths displayed on gridwalls

Another view of the booth pictured in the first photo on this page.

Handmade hats and accessories on a gridwall panel

Plenty of handmade hats fit on this display. The brackets used are simple and allow easy access for customers to see and pick up each style of hat.

Summer hats on a gridwall rack

I adore this clothing booth. If you look closely in the back corner, you'll see that grid walls have been used to create a small changing area where customers can try on clothing. The outside of the panel is used for extra display space. Smart!

Gridwalls used to create a dressing room in a handmade clothing booth

You'd never notice the gridwalls in this booth if you weren't looking for them. They are neatly disguised behind cream colored fabric, but the waterfall brackets still clip securely to the grid.

Beautiful booth using grid walls

Here is an H-shaped gridwall display at the front of a booth. Like the triangle shape shown earlier, it is a sturdy arrangement of the panels and draws customers into the booth by showing off the artist's more eye-catching designs without taking up too much space.

Purse display using grid walls and slat walls

Orange curtains soften the look of the panels in this handmade leather goods booth.

Handmade purse booth

Chidren's clothing displayed using a variety of bracket styles. The poster attached to the front panel is a nice touch!

Handmade children's clothing booth

Where to Buy Gridwall Display Panels and Brackets

Amazon has an extensive selection of grid walls and related accessories that are competitively priced and quick and easy to order.

Here's where you'll find items you'll need if you are going to use gridwalls in your craft booth:

Gridwall Panels

ACcessories to Use With Gridwalls

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