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Why Your Craft Show Canopy Should be White

When you buy a craft show canopy, it is important to choose one that is white. A white tent will show your products to their best advantage, and it will remain cool on hot days and look professional at any show.

The vast majority of professional craft artists who sell at outdoor shows use a white canopy. This choice is not a coincidence; a white tent will serve most craft artists better than a colored canopy for several reasons.

Reasons to Choose a White Canvas Canopy

  • Some juried art shows or farmers' markets require you to use a white canopy

Not all shows require you to use a specific color, but some will. If you purchase a colored canopy instead of a white one, you will either have to avoid participating in those shows, or you will have to rent or borrow a white canopy (or buy a second canopy) specifically for use at shows that require white craft tents.Craft Show Canopy 

Popular White Craft Tents

  • A colored outdoor shade canopy will cast its color on to your products

A white canopy will show your items in their best light. A colored canopy will reflect the color of the canopy onto your items, and the color of your products will not be true under a colored canvas canopy.

Customers may either bypass your items because they have not seen them in their best possible light, or they will have to take your items out of the tent to see the true color (which is very inconvenient, especially if you are busy with several customers).A white canopy will not reflect an odd color into your tent, so your pieces will appear in their best possible light and make the best impression on customers.

  • A colored canvas canopy can make your art show booth dark

Craft show lighting is a crucial element to a successful craft show booth. You won't always be able to include lights in your display at an outdoor show because you may not have access to electricity. However, even without actual lights, you still need to consider the effect of lighting in your booth.A dark colored craft show canopy will make the interior of your booth darker than it needs to be, and a dark booth can be less inviting to customers. A white canopy will help ensure your booth is as bright and inviting as possible.

  • A white canvas canopy will be cooler than a dark canopy

Dark colored canopies can be noticeably hotter than white canopies. Your canopy is supposed to shelter you from the sun and keep you cool at hot, outdoor shows. A cool, white canvas canopy will help keep you comfortable and at your best and able to focus your energies on your customers.

More Tips on Creating Your Display

REasons People Buy a Colored Craft Show Canopy - Don't be Fooled

  • Occasionally people are tempted to pick up a blue or green outdoor shade canopy because they have found a fantastic sale, and, understandably, they want to save some money.

In my opinion, saving a little money on a cheaper craft tent is a false economy in that you end up losing money in the end by missing out on good shows that require a white canopy, losing sales because your items don't look their best under a dark canopy, or buying or renting a second, white canopy because your colored canopy doesn't meet your needs.

If you know you are going to attend several outdoor craft shows, a little extra money invested up front on a better, white tent is money well spent.

  • Occasionally people believe that a colored canopy will help them stand out from a crowd of white craft tents.

It is true that if you had a blue canopy amid a sea of white canopies, people who were looking to find your booth a second time after visiting once before may know to look for the blue canopy.

While I have very occasionally seen a colored canopy used well at a craft show, most of the time a colored canopy detracts heavily from your items and will not make your craft booth stand out in a positive way.

There are other ways to make your booth stand out that do not compromise the appearance of your items. Try a big swath of color within your booth display, large photos of your products hung up high, or a distinctive banner to draw customers' eyes to your booth.

Where to Buy White Craft Tents

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Why Your Craft Show Canopy Should be White

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