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Accessories Magazine Review

Accessories Magazine provides forecasts of upcoming fashion trends in accessories, which allows you to create handmade items that are in demand and on trend.

This magazine is written for people who sell women's fashion accessories in any type of retail environment.

Although it's not directly aimed at professional craft artists, Accessories Magazine will provide you with plenty of information on accessories trends for upcoming seasons.

Because the magazine reports on trends many months in advance, you'll get that information in time to reflect those trends in your own work.

Accessories is one of the first magazines I added to my list of subscriptions when I first began selling handmade jewelry, and I always looked forward to receiving my copy in the mail.

The magazine is published six times a year, and although the subscription is rather pricy as magazines go, I personally have always felt the information in the magazine is worth the price. The information is central to my business, gives me a bit of an edge over my competition, and is not readily available elsewhere.


Back in 2006, when I started subscribing to Accessories Magazine, it was extremely difficult to get reports on upcoming trends many months in advance, so I was thrilled to have found this resource, and my subscription was well-worth the price.

Now there are several excellent and free online resources (including the Accessories website) for finding trend information in advance, so, while Accessories Magazine still has plenty of information for the traditional fashion retailer, craft artists, in my opinion, can get all of the information needed to design on-trend pieces well in advance without paying for a subscription.

Once I started finding all of the information I need online, I let my subscription to this magazine lapse. To find out some excellent sources that provide information about upcoming trends well in advance, check out the article Home and Fashion Trend Forecasting for Craft Business Owners.

Accessories allows you to see upcoming trends in accessories well before those trends are in stores or standard fashion magazines aimed at consumers (as opposed to retailers).

If designing "on trend" items is important to you, the information in Accessorieswill provide you with plenty of lead time to source and order supplies, develop designs and create your items with upcoming trends in mind. If you wait until trends are reported in standard fashion magazines, you won't have any lead time to create your own hand made interpretations of fashion trends.

You can also use the information in this magazine to help promote your handmade accessories directly to your retail customers or to potential wholesale customers or consignment partners.

Having on trend items in stock is particularly important to many fashion retailers, so if you are able to point out the ways in which your items are in line with expected fashion trends, that information can help you to promote your work to store owners who may sell your items on a wholesale or consignment basis.

In addition to reporting on emerging accessories trends, Accessoriesalso provides insights into people and companies that are making news in the fashion accessories industry. These reports on business are focused on larger retailers and may or may not be of interest to you, depending on the nature of your business and your long term goals.

I personally find myself jumping straight to the trends stories and feel that my Accessories subscription is worthwhile for that information alone even if I don't read the stories about larger retailers.

Some professional craft artists are more trend conscious than others. Whether your work reflects current trends or not will depend a lot on your own aesthetic sense, your goals for your business and your target market. If you do include fashion accessories as a major part of your line, and you want to create items that are on trend, Accessories Magazine is a very good resource that will allow you to learn about future trends well before they are in stores and in time to incorporate them into your products.

I have not seen Accessories Magazine on news stands anywhere, but if you are interested in adding the magazine to your collection, you can subscribe directly from the Accessories Magazine site.

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