12 Retail Display Design Photos

Author: Lisa McGrimmon | Published: May 3, 2016 | August 6, 2019

I have some great retail display design photos here to inspire your own craft booth displays. 12 photos in total, with plenty of lessons to be learned about designing great displays.

You might assume that retail shops would use displays that aren't portable enough for craft shows. Luckily, that's not the case, especially with indie boutiques and retail shops.

Paintings displayed in a retail shop. Text overlay - retail display ideas

A lot of retail display design translates surprisingly well into a craft fair setting. 

While it's true that some ideas may need to be reimagined to be more portable, you will probably be surprised by how many great, craft show appropriate display ideas you'll find if you check out your local independently owned shops.

To get you started with some fabulous retail display ideas you can use in your craft booth, here are some photos of displays in lovely, independently owned shops that sell handmade goods.

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Some Great Retail Display Design Ideas

Handmade scarves displayed on a ladder

I love how this rustic ladder is used to display these colorful handmade scarves. The wood of the ladder contrasts well with the scarves and complements the rich colors.

A decorative wood blanket ladder like the one in this shop is completely portable and would work beautifully in a craft booth.

Colorful handmade socks on display in a retail  shop

This is such a simple display. The bright handmade socks speak for themselves. They don't need a fancy display to grab our attention.

I like the way they are placed neatly on the table and in the basket, but they aren't arranged in a complex, fussy way. The arrangement looks tidy, but shoppers won't be afraid to pick them up.

You'll know you've made your displays too fussy because customers will tell you. If you make the mistake of getting too fancy with your displays, customers will say things like, "Oh, I won't touch that. I don't want to ruin your display."

You want customers to pick up and touch your product. It helps move them toward buying. If customers are telling you they don't want to ruin your display, it's time to relax your setup a bit. Keep it simple to encourage touching, just like this display.

Crates as display shelves

How clever is this display? Shallow wooden crates are hung on the wall and used as shelves.

This photo is from a sweet shop in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Lunenburg is full of adorable shops that sell handmade items - definitely a great place to visit for those who love handmade.

I especially love the way these dark crates are hung on a light wall with some space between each crate. The light background and the space lightens the whole effect and makes it fantastic.

If you try this look in your own craft booth, be careful to check the dimensions of the crates you choose, so they will fit your products perfectly. Remember, if you'll be turning the crates on their sides, the height of the crate will end up being the depth of the display surface.

Table top handmade candle display.

The color blocking of dark vs. light candles, combined with the arrangement by size draws your eye around and makes this simple display really work.

Color blocking is a simple way to create visual interest in a display of almost any type of product. And strategic color, in general, can be used effectively and inexpensively to create drama and interest in your display.

Handmade pottery on glass shelves

One thing that's great about glass shelves is that the light flows through each shelf, so your products don't get lost in dark corners in middle or bottom shelves.

On a more practical note, of course, travelling to craft shows with glass shelves can be tricky, but, depending on your product, it might be worth the extra care and caution required.

Handmade jewelry retail display

The thing that really brings this jewelry display to life is the great lighting.

If you look in the mirror (it's round and in the top left of the photo), you'll see the reflection of several lights that hang just above this display.

Don't give in to a temptation to skimp on lighting, especially if your product is made to sparkle!

Handmade teapots on pedestals

You'll find plenty of pedestals used in indie retail display design.

Pedestals are portable and affordable. They give you the option to move your display furniture around as you like, so your setup can work in a variety of booth spaces - All qualities that work well in a craft booth as well!

Art displayed in a retail shop

I love this display because the display furniture reminds me of home. The shelf is styled to look like a simple fireplace mantle, and the table looks like something I'd have in my living room.

I can easily imagine this art work in my own space.

I look at this display, which is a lovely little vignette of a space I'd love to have in my own home, and it makes me feel that I could recreate the same lovely feel if I just bought one or two of the pieces on display.

Light, airy retail space

The white walls and display furniture in this shop let the brightly colored handmade items shine.

Notice the display pedestal in the middle of the space. This time the pedestal is in white to suit the rest of the decor.

White pedestals in a handmade shop

Here are even more pedestals!

These ones are a little more substantial than others I've seen, but they are still versatile enough to be rearranged in whichever configuration suits the situation.

Square containers generally store more easily than round or cylindrical items pedestals, so something like this display would pack up and store reasonably well.

If the pedestals don't fold down when not in use, the interior might be a great space to store other craft show supplies when you're not at a show. 

Retail shelf display

These handmade pillows are so fun and full of character. They really don't need any help in drawing attention to themselves.

That's why I love to see them displayed on simple white shelves.

This display makes me imagine how adorable my child's room would look with some of these cute elements added to the decor.

tabletop retail display

This simple table top display makes good use of varied heights to add interest. The candles create a bit of a pyramid shape, which is frequently used in retail visual merchandising

This shop sells a variety of handmade items, the owner has taken advantage of varied heights in the products to add interest. If you sell products that are the same size, you can use affordable acrylic risers (a merchandizer's best friend) to vary the height and create a pyramid shape.

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