Sell Crafts With These Tips Straight From Customers

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Do you enjoy buying handmade crafts?

Have you ever wandered through a craft show and thought, that person would sell so much more of her products if only she would...? Do you ever wish you could give some friendly tips from a customer's point of view?

Please use the form below to submit your tips on how to sell your crafts from a customer's perspective. Some information you may want to include:

  • As a customer, what specific advice would you give to professional crafters about making a great impression on their customers?
  • What are the most common mistakes professional crafters make when selling crafts?
  • What makes a craft booth really stand out from the crowd in a positive way?
  • What makes you decide to buy or not buy?

What Readers Have Said About Why They Buy Handmade

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Craft Booth Display Tips from a Customer's Perspecitve 
If you want your hobby to bring more business, you need to look more business-like. For example, many shows I go to have very tiny booths and those booths …

Unique, Affordable and Quality Crafts Appeal to Me 
I love craft shows and attend as many as possible, especially around the holidays. I can usually find unique gifts at craft shows which are not available …

Craft Show Customer Service Tips from Customers 
Here's a collection of several tips for talking to customers at craft shows and providing great customer service from a customer's point of view. To …

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