Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published Oct. 25, 2022
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Holiday shopping trends for 2022 to help small business owners sell more over the Christmas season.

In 2022 we're seeing 6 important consumer retail trends business owners need to know about to make the most of this important season. We'll examine each of these consumer trends in some detail and look at ways you can make use of them to sell more this Christmas.

6 holiday shopping trends for 2022:

  1. People are shopping earlier for holiday 2022
  2. Celebrations paired with cautious spending are top priorities
  3. Shoppers focus spending on gifts & experiences
  4. People will use many sources to research gift ideas
  5. Shoppers are buying online, but in-person shopping is growing
  6. Price and influencers impact purchase decisions

Holiday SHOPPING TRENDS for 2022

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Sources: You'll find links to all of the research sources I've used to compile the 2022 Holiday Shopping Trends report at the bottom of the page.

1. People are Shopping Earlier for Holiday 2022

Supply chain issues meant that shopping earlier — before Thanksgiving weekend — was one of the top Christmas shopping trends for 2021.

That trend will continue into the 2022 holiday shopping season. In fact, 38% of people are planning to shop even earlier this year compared with the previous year. (source Deloitte)

Lingering supply chain concerns combined with worries about inflation are driving shoppers to buy sooner to avoid product shortages and future price increases.

Black Friday and Thanksgiving week are still important shopping periods. 49% of people say they plan to shop during this week, motivated by the prospect of finding great deals. (source Deloitte) However, the intense focus on this narrow time frame is declining. Instead, shoppers are buying throughout October and all of November.

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2. Celebrations Paired with Cautious Spending are Top Priorities

Two priorities are top of mind for people over the 2022 Christmas season:

  • Meaningful celebrations that promote connection and togetherness
  • Cautious spending in light of inflation and financial concerns

People are planning to spend about the same amount as they did in 2021, but 73% are expecting prices will be higher this year due to inflation. (source Deloitte)

Offering price discounts isn't the only option to reach price sensitive customers. You can also win customers with value and versatility.

  • Promote your well made, high quality products as investment purchases that will outlast cheaper options.
  • Show how your versatile items work in multiple situations. For example, table linens with a neutral design can look beautiful on a dining table as people celebrate several different holidays.
  • Highlight positivity. Value-minded customers are savvy shoppers who are embracing the holidays while outsmarting inflation.

3. Shoppers Focus Spending on Gifts & Experiences

In line with the trend to focus on celebrations and cautious spending, shoppers are prioritizing spending on gift giving & shared experiences to maximize holiday fun and togetherness. Meanwhile, they are forgoing spending on other items in order to stay within planned holiday budgets.

Product Categories

Top categories for Christmas 2022 gifts include: clothing & accessories, gift cards, and toys & hobbies. 

Products shoppers plan to buy for holiday 2022

Here's the breakdown of the types of products shoppers plan to buy this holiday season:

  • 77% plan to buy clothing & accessories
  • 77% plan to buy toys & hobbies
  • 76% plan to buy gift cards & other
  • 70% plan to buy food & beverage
  • 57% plan to buy electronics & accessories
  • 49% plan to buy home & kitchen
  • 56% plan to buy health & wellness
  • 50% plan to buy pet related items

(source Deloitte)

Sustainable Products

Approximately 40% of people plan to buy sustainable gifts in 2022. Shoppers are willing to spend more for sustainable items. In fact, people will spend 14% more in this category. (source Deloitte)

Resale Products

32% of people have plans to buy resale items for holiday 2022. (source Deloitte)

Shoppers view buying resale items as way to spend less overall, buy something nicer than they could afford new, and shop sustainably.

Resale product shopping trends for holiday 2022

These products are popular among people buying resale items:

  • 51% Clothing
  • 40% Toys & hobbies
  • 36% Electronics
  • 36% Home & kitchen
  • 25% Health & wellness
  • 17% Pet related

(source Deloitte)

4. People Will Use Many Sources to Research Gift Ideas

People will use several types of sources to research gift ideas. That means retailers have many ways to get their products in front of shoppers.

Here's where consumers are discovering products to purchase:

  • 43% Online marketplaces
  • 37% Brand and retailer websites
  • 34% Word of mouth
  • 33% Amazon recommended products
  • 31% Social media sites
  • 28% TV or streaming service ads
  • 25% Google ads
  • 25% Ads on social media
  • 18% Marketplace ads
  • 13% Magazine or newspaper ads
  • 8% Radio ads

(source Channel Advisor)

Social Media is Key for Younger Consumers

If your target customers are Millennials or Generation Z, social media should play an important role in your marketing. 56% of Millennials and 60% of Gen Z plan to use social media for holiday shopping in 2022. (source Deloitte)

5. Shoppers are Buying Online, but In-person Shopping is Growing

Online shopping will still be the most popular way to shop. People expect to spend 63% of their holiday budget online. However, customers are returning to stores. People plan to spend more in-person this year (35% of their holiday budget) compared with holiday 2020 (28%). (source Deloitte)

Where do consumers plan to shop for gifts for Christmas 2022?

  • 68% Amazon
  • 30% Other marketplaces or retailer sites 
  • 26% Google 
  • 27% Brand website 
  • 15% Social media sites

(source Channel Advisor)

6. Price and Influencers Impact Purchase Decisions

8 factors that impact shoppers' decision to buy:

  • 73% Price
  • 51% Reviews
  • 49% Availability
  • 42% Delivery time
  • 37% Brand name
  • 24% Payment options
  • 23% Flexibility of delivery time
  • 22% Buy online pick up in store availability

(source Channel Advisor)

If you have an online shop, make sure customers don't abandon their purchase at the last minute. You'll need to set your shop up with clear product photos and thorough descriptions.

Shoppers will also look for several good product reviews before they decide to make a purchase. 39% will decide not to buy if the product has bad reviews, and 25% will abandon a purchase online if a product doesn't have enough reviews. (source Channel Advisor) 

KEY TAKEAWAYS for Christmas 2022

Holiday shoppers want to have fun and are looking to get good value for their dollars they spend.

Fun & Meaningful: Showcase your products in ways that show how they'll help customers create meaningful experiences with friends and family. 

Value & Versatility: Highlight the value of well-made and versatile products that will last a long time and can be used for multiple purposes.

Clarity & Detail: If you sell online, provide multiple excellent product photos and clear descriptions for all of your products.

Sustainability: If your business uses sustainable practices, make sure customers know about it! Many shoppers value sustainable business practices and will pay more for those products.

Resale: If resale products are a possibility for your business, consider offering this option to your customers. 

Gift Cards: Give customers the option to buy gift cards.


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