Sewing Magazine and Quilting Magazine Reviews

Sewing magazine and quilting magazine reviews submitted by our readers

Threads Magazine
Laurie Allyn
Calabasas, CA USA

Threads is a seamstress' dream come true. As I find myself cutting back on the amount of magazines I subscribe to this is one I will never discontinue.

Threads magazine is one hundred percent devoted to sewing techniques, styling ideas, fitting and everything else about sewing. It mostly addresses apparel and accessories. But I find the information in the magazine applicable to all sorts of sewing, beyond apparel. If you have any interest in fashion and creating this is a great magazine for you.

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Quilter's Newsletter - The Original Quilting Magazine

by SuzyQ
(Glen Allen, VA)

Quilter's Newsletter Magazine is probably the first and original quilting magazine. Even if another magazine preceded it, Quilter's Newsletter set the standard for all other magazines that came afterwards.

In the early days, it was a small, 'newsletter' type publication, containing basic patterns and quilting techniques. However, over the years, it developed into a sophisticated publication that went beyond the basics and presented quilting as both a craft and an art form.

Quilts are no longer just thought of as warm bed coverings; they are also artistic pieces of self-expression.

I have been subscribing to Quilter's Newsletter since the early 1980s, when I took my first quilting course. I look forward to the arrival of every issue and read it cover to cover. I love their quilt series, projects and humorous columns, which are written by some of the best and brightest quilters in America.

Sadly, they lost one of their signature columnists, Helen Kelley, who wrote one of their most popular columns. She will be sorely missed.

As quilting evolved, so did the magazine. It adapted to the new technology that became available to help the quilter, such as computerized electronic design software. The magazine migrated to the Web, so readers can go there for additional information, patterns, updates and networking. Both the magazine and web site have full color photos of some of the most amazing quilts produced by quilters who are both hobbyists and professionals.

Quilter's Newsletter has something for everyone and quilters of all levels will enjoy and learn something from this magazine. There are many other quilt magazines on the newsstand today, but Quilter's Newsletter Magazine is the original and cannot be imitated.

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