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  1. Visual Merchandising Strategies for Your Craft Booth

    Mar 04, 19 07:00 AM

    How to use proven visual merchandising techniques including strategic color, clever display design, and smart signs to create an effective craft booth that draws attention to your most profitable prod…

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  2. Visual Merchandising Display Strategies for Your Craft Booth

    Feb 27, 19 10:25 AM

    Three visual merchandising display strategies retailers use to boost sales that you can use in your portable booth at craft shows. How to use eye level product placement, pyramid-shaped displays, and…

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  3. Art Booth Ideas With 8 Photos

    Feb 07, 19 07:00 AM

    8 photos full of art booth ideas. Here's how to display paintings and art prints in a portable display, create a booth that draws in customers, and make sure your booth design matches the aesthetic of…

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