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  1. 12 Product Photography Styling Tips

    Apr 13, 21 08:00 AM

    12 product photography styling tips for handmade business owners. Learn how to use props in product photography to tell your brand's story, show ways to use your product, convey the size of your items…

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  2. Photography Composition Tips for Beginners

    Apr 09, 21 07:00 AM

    Product photography composition tips for beginners. 2 simple composition rules and 6 design elements that will improve your craft photography. How to use the rule of thirds and the golden triangle to…

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  3. DIY Your Product Photography or Hire a Professional Photographer?

    Apr 06, 21 07:00 AM

    Should you DIY your product photography or hire a pro? There are times when it makes sense to do your own craft photography and times when you need the skill of a professional photographer to get the…

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