Have Fun Naming Your Business

by Matthew
(Leesburg, VA, USA)

Allow the naming of your business to be one of the more enjoyable tasks at hand. If you are starting a craft business, it's safe to assume you are a creative person, so enjoy the creativity inherent in coming up with a great company name!

As it is, there are several other less enjoyable tasks that you will deal with, so you might as well enjoy this one.

The task of determining a name for my own company became one that I set aside for those moments when I needed to experience the 'fun' part of having my own business.

Trust yourself! You've already followed your instincts enough that you're on your way to starting your own company. If you're comfortable with this, then you will experience a sense of comfort when a company name comes along that is perfect.

Kick the tires! You have to say the name out loud in order to hear what your customers will hear.

Is the name easy to say? Could someone spell it after hearing it?

Imagine those times when customers will hear it and see what happens. For instance, when you answer the phone: "Good morning, xxx-company-name, this is 'me' - how can I help you?" Or, possibly, in an out-going voice mail greeting: "Thank you for calling xxx-business-name. We are unable to take your call at the moment ..."

Logo design: A whole other thing to contend with, but second to establishing the company name first. Can you envision the name in a logo? The logo could appear on business cards, letterhead, invoices, web sites, product labels. Your logo doesn't need to be the first thought. Once you establish a company name you WILL manage to create a logo.

Business ownership: It is possible that you will have to legally set up your business using one of the various options (Inc., LLC, etc.) Company names are registered so you can find out if your company name is available. If not, then you may have to use a different company name.

Web site: If you plan on having a web site then check the available domain names. A web site doesn't imply that you will be selling product on-line, but it is a useful tool. Is your potential company name available as a domain name? Is an abbreviated version available? How would it appear as an e-mail address?

Your own name: Certainly a good place to begin! It is your company after all, so it might as well be all about you. If not your whole name, then maybe just the first or last, or maybe just your initials. (Initials can sometimes develop into nifty logos and web domain names.)

Location: If not your own name, then is it possible to include the town you live in? If you are the one-of-a-kind company there, then maybe you can be "TOWN xxx" or "xxx of TOWN". Although, with this idea, you need to consider the general impression of the town. No offense, but maybe you don't exactly want to associate yourself with the town's image. And, for that matter, you may eventually relocate to a different town, and your company name doesn't make sense at that time.

Look around: Get the yellow pages out, look at ads in the newspaper, or just drive around town and look at all the signs. Say the names out loud. It is possible that you will begin building a list of likes and dislikes. Write them down - especially keep track of the ones you like. Study the relationship between the company name and the business - doesn't it make sense? Model your company name after the ones you like.

Evolution & Longevity: Don't rule out the possibility that the focus of your business will change somehow. It is possible that your company will expand or that your product offering will shift. Without denying your current focus, consider incorporating some flexibility options so you don't need to go through this process again later. Ponder the broader categories.

Whatever you do - enjoy this process! Don't let it become a chore.

Congratulations on your new craft business!

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