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Here's where readers can read about and share their favorite craft magazines.

I have several of my own favorites, and you can find my reviews, along reviews of with my favorite craft books here.

American Craft Magazine

Lauren McC

I would highly recommend American Craft Magazine to anyone who is interested in crafts, is very involved in crafts, or who simply enjoys reading about interesting crafts.

The magazine is very versatile; it provides something for everyone, even non-crafters. It has interesting, well-written articles, great pictures, is well organized, and has great ideas.

The magazine always has crafts for the specific month, especially around holidays. Some of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter crafts I have found in this magazine have been my favorite.

The majority of the magazine is written towards intermediate crafters who know what they are doing but aren't necessarily experts. However, the magazine does provide crafts for beginners as well. It also has articles about interesting crafts such as cultural projects and photography that any non-crafter would enjoy reading.
Sometimes the magazine could be a little more detailed with directions when explaining crafts. I would consider myself a semi-skilled crafter and I had some difficulty following some of the directions given in the magazine. Also, this magazine is very exclusive; you can only find it at certain craft stores, certainly not at a book store or convenience store. However, overall a great magazine for anyone interested in reading about or learning crafts.

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Paper Crafts Magazine

by Stephanie Reynolds
(Tampa, FL)

Paper Crafts Magazine is an essential tool for do it yourself card makers and paper crafters. With it's beautiful color pictures and step-by-step, clear cut directions, anyone can hand craft their own greeting cards, scrapbook embellishments and paper gifts. There are articles that discuss digital scrap booking and print techniques as well.

Paper Crafts Magazine will walk you through the process of choosing the correct color schemes for certain holidays and events and will show you how to create beautiful matching gift wrap and wrapping paper to compliment any gift. The techniques mentioned in this magazine not only cover paper goods, but other materials as well.

Learn how to embellish cards, notebooks, gift wrap, scrapbooks with everything from fabrics and metals to silk flowers and jewels. The magazine also offers a plethora of resources and websites that you can visit to purchase many of the supplies mentioned in the magazine to help you master your creations!

If you are new to the world of paper creations, this magazine has many projects at a beginner's level. The magazine breaks all of their projects into designated levels and time completion so that you know what to expect when delving into a new project. There are also many child-friendly projects featured in every magazine.

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Ready Made

by Heather
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

Ready Made magazine is a modern crafter's magazine full of contemporary projects for advanced crafters with urban-eco taste. The step-by-step instructions cover a variety of genres including easy clothing design, furniture, and home decoration and cooking. All instructions are easy to follow, and the bright, detailed pictures are very helpful.

Up cycling, (or recycling) is a popular theme throughout the magazine. Readers are inspired to create inexpensive "green" objects of art. I loved learning how to screen print t-shirts and revamp my old, worn out furniture with materials from the Goodwill.

I absolutely love the projects that encourage me to use things I have around and don't want to throw away, such as cigar boxes, board games, and clothing. Many of the items needed for crafts can be purchased at garage sales or resale shops.

I've used several ideas from the magazine to make unique, inexpensive Christmas gifts for my friends such as recycled grocery totes, homemade spa treatments, screen printed t-shirts and fun jewelry. They went over so well that some people commissioned me

Ready Made is my favorite magazine; I keep every issue, and look back at them often for inspiration!

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