40 Easter Coloring Pages to Print FREE

By Lisa McGrimmon | Published March 1, 2023
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40 Easter coloring pages to print.

Celebrate spring with cute pictures of bunnies, eggs, baskets, and baby chicks. There are adorable, easy designs for kids and more detailed images adults will love to color.

Here's what you'll find on this page:

  • 11 Easter bunny coloring pages
  • 8 rabbit templates to cut out
  • 6 Easter eggs sheets to color
  • 1 Easter candy page
  • 4 blank egg templates
  • 2 Happy Easter pictures
  • 3 chicks to color
  • 1 chick template to cut out
  • 4 spring basket images

How to download: Click the blue button below each image to download the printable PDF.

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

11 cute Easter bunny pictures to color.

There are adorable bunnies with eggs and Easter baskets, as well as detailed images of rabbits surrounded by spring flowers. You can download simple pages for kindergarteners or preschoolers to color, and more intricate sheets adults will enjoy.

Easter Bunny Templates

8 Easter bunny templates you can color and cut out.

First, here's a simple bunny head coloring page for toddlers. An adult can cut out the colored picture.

Next, a fun bunny paper craft to cut out and assemble. Instructions are on the printable page.

Add your own design to the two full page rabbit outlines and cut them out to decorate your home or classroom for Easter. Or print several pages on colored paper, cut them out and decorate with a row of simple bunny silhouettes.

Two bunny ears printables to choose — color yourself, or already colored.

Print the page on card stock, cut out the ears, and secure them to a plastic headband for some dress-up fun. There's extra length at the bottoms of the ears, so you can fold them over to secure to a headband.

Print a few pages of these rabbit paw PDFs to cut out and create a fun trail of Easter bunny tracks.

You can choose black and white to color yourself or pink and white bunny feet that match with the colored bunny ears.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

8 Easter eggs colorings sheets, plus one Easter candy page to color.

First, there's a detailed picture with fancy decorated Easter eggs adults will enjoy coloring.

Next, we have a fun, easy page that's perfect for toddlers.

Two full page decorated Easter eggs to color. The first features a fun star pattern. The second egg is decorated with cute spring flowers.

Here's another detailed page with fancy, decorated eggs.

Next up, a simple template of 4 decorated eggs. To make an Easter garland, print several copies of this page on card stock. Color and cut out the eggs, punch holes in the tops of each one, and string them together for a fun, free spring decoration.

A chocolate Easter bunny and chick in a cracked egg are surrounded by decorated eggs in the cute printable PDF.

Easter candy coloring sheet with chocolate bunny, chick, and eggs

Blank Easter Egg Templates

Full page Easter egg templates in four different sizes. Use these blank eggs to create your own design, and cut them out to decorate for spring.

Happy Easter Coloring Pages

Patterned word art printable PDF to color for spring.

Happy Easter word art coloring page

This sweet bunny wishes you a Happy Easter! The cute design is simple enough for kindergarten age kids to color. 

Coloring sheet with bunny holding large Happy Easter text

Easter Chicken Coloring Pages

Here are three Easter chick coloring pages, and one paper craft to cut out.

First, a cute chick with a decorated egg and pretty spring daisies.

Chick coloring page with decorated egg and daisies

Here's a hatching chick, and another simple chick printable. Both are easy enough for a preschooler to color.

Have fun with this simple paper craft. Print the page on heavy paper and color. Cut out all of the pieces, and follow the instructions printed on the page to assemble and glue together your adorable baby chick. 

You can also use this template as a pattern to make a felt chick. Here's how:

  • Print the page on card stock
  • Cut out each piece.
  • Trace each shape on colored felt.
  • Cut out the felt pieces.
  • To make the chick more sturdy, glue the felt pieces to each corresponding card stock shape.
  • Assemble and glue the pieces together following the instructions on the printable page.
Easter chick paper craft template

Easter Basket Coloring Sheets

Here are four large Easter baskets to color. You'll find an empty basket, two filled with Easter eggs, and one with an adorable bunny inside.

40 free Easter coloring pages40 full page Easter coloring sheets

More Free Printable Coloring Pages

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