What Do You Get When You Put a Career Coach in a Craft Tent?

by Lisa McGrimmon

I began working as a career coach way back in 1999. I had the most wonderful clients, and I loved the job because I really believe that everyone should have every opportunity to learn how to find or create the type of work that truly enhances their lives.

I started out facilitating workshops, which is rewarding and creative work, but as the years passed, and promotions were earned, I found myself in a very non-creative, largely paper-pushing type of job.

By 2006, I really felt the need to bring more creativity into my life. I still enjoyed being a career coach and knew my work brought value to my clients and my community, but my job was missing a creative element that was essential to me.

So I decided to start selling the resin jewelry I had been making.

There Was So Much To LEarn!

I very quickly realized that just knowing how to make jewelry wasn't enough, and if my business was going to be successful, I would need to learn all about the business side of things.

So I invested a lot of time learning everything I could.

  • I spent hours researching information about selling handmade goods
  • I completed an intensive, one year course for new entrepreneurs
  • I worked with some wonderful mentors and networked with professional artists
  • And, of course, I learned a lot by experience and trial and error

I also committed to sharing everything I learned with others.

The more I learned, the more I realized how much the information I was gathering would benefit others.

An early version of my jewelry boothA very early version of my jewelry booth

I'm sure that was (and still is) the career coach in me coming out! I know, from working with a lot of clients, that the work you do has an immense impact on your happiness. I strongly believe that everyone should have access to the information they need to create a fulfilling career or business, and I feel driven to share that information when I can.

I don't work as a career coach anymore; I'm fortunate enough to be able to combine my time between my business and my kids. But for those of you who know that your ideal work involves building a business based on your creative skills, I would feel privileged to share in that journey and be your craft business guide.


My craft boothSetting up my booth

You get a craft business owner who knows a lot about coaching people to help them create their own career and business success and feels compelled to help other craft business owners build a business that brings them joy!

I won't pretend to know everything there is to know about selling handmade goods. I've tried a lot of things: shows, websites, home parties, teaching, consignment arrangements. However, I haven't tried everything, so I'll only write about those things I know about first hand.

As I share everything I have learned (and continue to learn) right here, I hope I'll save you a lot of time searching all over for the information you need, and I hope you'll be able to use that information to make smart decisions and grow your business in a direction that really works for you.

I genuinely hope that by sharing what I know, I will help you to grow a flourishing business that feeds your soul.

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What happens when you put a career advisor in a craft tent? You get a craft business writer who has been sharing tips for building a craft business since 2006. Lisa McGrimmon is the founder of CraftProfessional.com. Read more about Lisa here.

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What Do You Get When You Put a Career Coach in a Craft Tent?

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