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Finding online craft supplies that are beautiful, and reasonably priced always makes my day. However, sourcing suppliers that are both cost effective and deliver high quality products with reasonable terms of purchase can take a lot of time.

One tip I received early on was that, when you're trying to cut costs for your business and maximize profits, you should never skimp on quality in places that will be noticed by your customers. I have really taken that advice to heart, so I have put a lot of effort into finding suppliers who provide not only great quality, but also cost effective solutions for my own business.

This list should save you some time when you are sourcing out resources for your own home craft business.

Please note that some types of craft suppliers are better represented here than others. I'm only posting suppliers that I have (happily) used myself, or that have been recommended by other professional craft artists, which is why you won't wind every craft medium represented.

Find online craft supplies:


Blick Art Materials is one of my site sponsors, which means I earn a percentage (at no extra cost to you) when you shop there after clicking on a link from my site. Blick Art Materials has a great selection of art related supplies including some items that can be hard to find. (I've had a hard time finding Oomoo for resin jewelry mold making and Chinese brush painting supplies - Happily, Blick Art Supplies carries them.) is another site sponsor. I buy a lot of jewelry supplies from them because they have competitive prices, inexpensive shipping (which is good if you tend to make several smaller orders instead of a few larger orders) and an easy to use website.

Discount Craft Supplies
Finding sources of discount craft supplies is important when you are building your craft business. These tips will help you find discount craft supplies and craft wholesalers that meet your needs.

Cheap Beading Supplies Online 
If you haven't really searched for beading supplies online, you're missing out on some wonderful suppliers who can provide a fantastic selection and great prices that often match or come very close to prices you'd pay if you bought your beading supplies from one of the major wholesalers.

Jewelry Resin Buying Guide 
You can buy jewelry resin supplies and jewelry casting supplies through several sites. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're looking for different types of art resin.

Chinese Brush Painting Supply Sources 
Chinese brush painting supply sources can be a bit tricky to find, but there are a few great online sources.

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