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Cat Halloween Patterns

Of course, every cat needs a special costume for Halloween! Check out these playful cat Halloween patterns from some talented designers on Etsy.

Does your cat want to be a punk? Do you catch him playing your old Clash albums when he thinks you're not home? Yes? Then he definitely needs you to knit him a mohawk cat hat. If you don't have time to whip one up yourself, you can buy a finished mohawk hat from this cute shop.

Cat mohawk knitting pattern

I love the cat in this photo. He looks like he's trying so hard to be cool while wearing these devil horns. If your cat or small dog wants to be a devil in disguise, check out this crochet pattern from xmoonbloom.

Cat devil horns pattern by xmoonbloom

The xmoonbloom shop is small, but completely adorable. If you want to dress your cat as a monster, try this crochet cat hat pattern.

Cat shark hat pattern by xmoonbloom

One more pattern from xmoonbloom because every cat needs a party hat on her birthday!

Cat birthday hat pattern by xmoonbloom

Unicorn kitty! I wish I'd had this pattern when my own cat, Allie, was still alive. If you want to crochet a unicorn hat for your cat, 9Worlds is the shop you need.

Cat unicorn hat pattern by 9Worlds

The Blooming Pot sells this cute bunny cat hat pattern. It will do double duty for Halloween and Easter!

Cat bunny hat pattern by The Blooming Pot
The Blooming Pot

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Cat Halloween Patterns

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